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what do you think is the hardest boss in the game (Archived)ekat3916/29/2011
search save data ghostbusters video game (Archived)firestart2716/22/2010
1 other title that the faq forgot. (Archived)gamer123456765416/6/2010
Worth Buying? (Archived)pashmina62622/3/2010
So, which version of this game doesn't have the horrible Cartoon Graphics? (Archived)viral411/11/2009
Help on Central Park beginng level (Archived)chadpanther19/5/2009
Lawsuit in order? NO game should lock up this often PERIOD! (Archived)
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Codebreaker codes PLZ!!! (Archived)neo155108/18/2009
Gameplay Tricks For Unlockables (Archived)prudoff18/10/2009
Most Wanted Ghost POLAR SLIMER Ghostbusters the game (Archived)UndergroundKANG68/9/2009
What other old movie from the 70s and 80s should get a game? (Archived)
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PS2 to PS3 comparisons (Archived)Chan Tanaka97/26/2009
Will someone please review this?? (Archived)Games122167/22/2009
River of slime is quite possibly the longest level in the game.. (Archived)
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It won't stop freezing at the SAME point in the graveyard... I can't move on!! (Archived)windi3887/20/2009
Quick Question (Archived)pashmina62637/17/2009
Vigo insults ? (Archived)bfprime57/9/2009
Language issues (Archived)Maverick209917/7/2009
Will it be anything like the movies, or do the actors sound alike? (Archived)
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Are They gonna release a better fixed version of this game? (Archived)StalkerD77/1/2009
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