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The Trophies are named perfectly (Archived)Gohansephiroth35/18/2009
$30 Price difference for PC? (Archived)
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This Home will get some GB love ? (Archived)SilentDeath77755/17/2009
LOL at all the 360 fanboys hating!!!! (Archived)
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Atari Will Not Publish This Game And Leaves The Console Software Buiness (Archived)plagamesforeva45/16/2009
psp version (Archived)GMAN199835/13/2009
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Exclusive Multiplayer Debut Trailer (Archived)ChainsofShadows15/13/2009
Get Her!! (Archived)
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Online Co-op? (Archived)ss4parrothair65/11/2009
RGB Volume 1 DVD? (Archived)NightMareBunny55/11/2009
"Sony Gives 64 million Gamers the Finger" (Archived)
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For those who are interested in this game have you ever played a PS2 game called (Archived)finalfantasy9485/11/2009
who's getting all pre-order bonses (Archived)JoshuaBagwell55/10/2009
An invisible man is sleeping in my bed... (Archived)
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is this gonna fail or be a success? (Archived)
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PSP version announced (Archived)cosmos8945/7/2009
Your opinion? (Archived)Falling Down65/7/2009
So...Sony just bought Timed Exclusivity (Archived)Rich163195/6/2009
Hopefully this game will drive all the ignorant kids to check out a real comedy. (Archived)BradleyJDavis95/6/2009
PS3 Exclusive motha... (Archived)
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