Ghostbusters DS Final Shandor Level walkthrough

#1jeff0658Posted 1/11/2011 6:03:14 AM
BE PREPARED HAVE LOTS OF 4PACK MEDS WITH YOU!First thing you do in the cemetery is have Ray inspect the door that is directly north this will release one of the hidden keys. then walk to the far north east of the graveyard, and you'll kind a key there. then head west to the far west. you'll kind a key in the middle chamber there. then zap all the for statues after you pick up that key and one more will appear in the lower left hand side of the west part of the grave yard.

So now you'll have 3 keys. Then go to the far east and have one of the GB's go into the chamber in the far right middle of the eastern side of the graveyard. Go to the only circle that is highlighted. He will transport to one of the locked chambers in the southeastern chamber.

Then don't touch the lever yet. Switch to mono mode on one of the other GB's it Doesn't matter which one, And take him and walk out of the chamber and have him stand at the locked north gate of the east part of the cemetery. Then switch back to the GB in the locked chamber in the south and pull the switch. Then quickly switch back to the GB you had at the locked northeast door, the door will unlock and then grab the forth key(.Don't pull the Blinking switch in that northeast chamber yet ) The door has a 5 sec timer. Don't worry if that GB in the northeast door can't get back out just switch to the GB in the southeast chamber and pull the lever again and switch back to the one locked in this resets the door for another 5 secs.

Now that this is done Have one of the leftover GB'S that you had waiting in the middle chamber where you transported from stay there. Then you switch back to the southeastern chamber GB and pull that same switch again. Then switch back to the middle east chamber GB and you should be able to transport to the far southwest locked chamber. Now DON"T TOUCH ANY LEVERS YET! Now Switch Back to the GB in the middle eastern Chamber The last one left and head over to the far northwest chamber where the door is locked. NOW switch back to the GB in the SOUTHWEST chamber(The Last GB that just Transported) AND ONLY PULL THE LEFT HAND SWITCH OF THAT CHAMBERIT HAS ANOTHER 5 SECS TIMER(NOT THE RIGHTHAND ONE THIS IS A NO NO) Then Immediatly switch to the GB you had waiting in the Northwest and walk on into the chamber and grab the last key! YEAH ! Now pull the switch in the south east chamber and let your GB out in the Northeast chamber BUt pull the switch in the north east chamber first this should unlock all the doors so all the GB'S can get out.

Now go and enter into the middle north main gate of the Cemetery and enter into the second part of the stage. Now here we have to do the chant thing like before have Ray stand in the Chant spot lower west and Egon in the other Neutral lower right. BUT FIRST HAVE EITHER PETER OR ZEDMORE ENTER FIRST AS FAR NORTHEAST AS YOU CAN GO. Then have Ray enter to the Chant spot. Then switch back to Peter and have him ATTRACT ALL the Red SLAVE GHOSTS TOWARDS HIM. Then Switch back to EGON and have him go to the Neutral spot lower righthand corner. AS they do their thing Quickly Switch back to PETER/ZEDMORE and Attract the GHOSTS towards them This will keep them all away from Egon and Ray.

Then you Move to the final Level. Where you listen to a bunch of talk then a big beast comes out in the north of the screen, it's best if you all stand in the Northwest of the beast underneath his lefthand claw and keep firing, them shards of rock should miss most of the GB's and you should be able to defeat him.

Well That's that. GOODLUCK EVERYONE! (Unfortunatly There is no save feature built into the end of the game, so the end is kind of meaningless. But still fun.)