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This game+ Nyko Perfect Shot = Ultimate Arcade Experience (Archived)Anal_Tyrant23/12/2008
IGN Score 6/10 (Archived)xcollector93/12/2008
Can you change green blood to red from the start or do you have to unlock it? (Archived)BADNEWSCREWSE33/12/2008
In original mode, once you use 2 bonuses, they are gone forever? (Archived)Anal_Tyrant13/12/2008
This or Resident Evil the Unbrella Chronicles? (Archived)
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The funny thing is...we already HAD this! (Archived)GEL53/12/2008
omg i have hod2 for dreamcast (Archived)ThE_ToDD443/12/2008
Will this game have all the minigames from the dreamcast version? (Archived)JinxPalm53/12/2008
Can I still use the "B" trigger/button as fire? (Archived)Killamanjarho33/12/2008
Cursors on screen? (Archived)reklaw2223/12/2008
Different modes (Archived)darknessdj13/12/2008
Awesome!!! (Archived)TheY2AProblem13/12/2008
the remote (Archived)rushstar4333/12/2008
finally got the perfect shot after months of waiting and online orders failing (Archived)vgmben103/12/2008
The Perfect Shot (Archived)
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Does the Wii Zapper really improve the experience? (Archived)
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who's buying this game tomorrow? (Archived)JoonDDS53/11/2008
Anyone have the game yet? (Archived)Anal_Tyrant13/11/2008
Price and Comparsion with Ghost Squad (Archived)SuperRobotWar53/11/2008
wide screen support was LIE!!!! (Archived)JoonDDS53/11/2008
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