I was thinking about the split opinion about this game's story

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In my half asleep daze a few nights ago I was thinking about this game's story..which may or may not have been productive. But, there's the divide of folks who think the story was not fully explained unintentionally (poor story telling), vs. the folks who think the story was told exactly how the creators wanted with a minimalistic approach.

My opinion is of course gonna be bias because I <3 this game. Buut my thought was:

Since this is a game about feeling isolated and all that stuff, it was the makers' choices to have Seto interact with few characters. This is not a game bogged down by tons of dialogue where someone could easily be lost in a twisting plot. It's a game where you can probably count the main dialogue/cut scenes/plot explanation moments with your fingers.

With that in mind, I find it difficult to believe that the writers accidentally forgot to explain parts of the story; especially since..they're being paid to do this, it's their jobs, and if they're producing a video game to the world I'm sure they're more competent with this sort of thing than I am.

So ehh, maybe I'm waaaay late to this idea, but this occurred to me the other night. I think this game was completely 100% told the way it was intended.

Annnd if this board isn't so dead, I'll hope for a reply :3
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well, I think they want to do the game this game, since I think there is a lot of influence of gainax studio in this game, and this is why this game is a gem and people that don't understand the game just get bored, this is why I thought and I love this game, and the board is nearly dead, lol
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i recall that it was the director who wrote the main scenario for the game, while the rest of it was handled by some sub-scenario writer. what the director may have wanted in the story didn't turn out exactly the way that he wanted if the sub-scenario writer did something about this

regardless, there's always the manga to tie up the last loose-end of the game about how ren died, even if it seems like a copout (though the ending narrative where seto says he's all alone after "countless summers" after ren dies was a complete asspull from nowhere originally, before the manga was released to rectify it)
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Oooh well it's good to know those facts about the game's story at least! And I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THE MANGA. Thanks for the info :3
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dctalk207 posted...
Oooh well it's good to know those facts about the game's story at least! And I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THE MANGA. Thanks for the info :3

Indeed I will download it now