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User Info: saint_1995

7 years ago#1
When I play online I get a repetative gun fire sound it keeps going and going, Wasn't there patch in the update that came out ages ago that fixed this?

User Info: collegeboy64

7 years ago#2

Nope. Ubi never fixed it. They dropped support for the game before that lovely little bug got fixed.


User Info: King_Michal

7 years ago#3
It's funny because the same glitch was in the first R6V and they still didn't fix it. It's like they really didn't give a damn.

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

7 years ago#4
A lot of glitches that were in Vegas 1 are still in Vegas 2. It's like they Ctrl+Ced the original Vegas and followed that up with a good ol' Ctrl+V and tossed in a few extras. Actually, I'm sure that's exactly what they did.

User Info: kougajin

7 years ago#5
^Hahah, I bet so as well
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