Video Walkthrough for R6V2 XP Glitch

#1Bebop_BluePosted 3/23/2008 11:18:30 PM
The video:

So you don't have to run through all the pages to figure out how to do this from this thread:

Here is my video that goes through the whole process. I'm testing out whether crouching a little more to the right, behind the taller cover, works better. Specifically so I don't have to see enemies at all and not worry about bodies building up. And as well you don't have to do what's in the video, this is only for racking up XP while you're away or asleep. If you want you can sit there all day and get headshots at 10 xp a piece. When your teammate makes the kill it's 5 xp, and he does it slower than you would.


Make sure you are in Assault mode and not Infiltrate. You can do this by pressing the Back button. And make sure you're silencer is not attached. This will cause your teammate to have his silencer on and it takes longer for him to kill the respawning enemies.

If you're still having trouble go to the above mentioned thread, lots of people have posted some great tips.

Thanks goes out to MetalHeadZach for finding and posting this glitch. This will save us all a lot of time.
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Forgot to mention that this is at the end of the first mission, and it's set to realistic. If you've already played this you can go to scene selection to skip to the halfway point.
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thanks for the post i was hoping you would. good job. this is better than the one i found.
you could replay the 2nd to the last check point, over and over.
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you can go to the tall cover on the right you know. just not very far over on the cover cause then the glitch will fix itself.
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You're right mi_man_man. I've been testing this. I thought you had see the enemy every time it spawned for your teammate to be alerted to the enemies presence. But this is not so. I've been crouching more to the right, behind the taller cover, and not looking at the enemy at all. This prevents him from seeing and shooting you. It also prevents the bodies from piling up which will slow down your xbox to a crawl.
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Muchos Gracias Senor!!!!!!!

Seriously dude, noobing commence!!
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It goes faster in co-op with a friend just both of you sitting in that corner shooting...1k exp a minute with a friend...
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Oh my god. Game hasn't even been out 8 days, and you are already cheating your way to the top. Pathetic, the lot of you
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^^just cos you didn't work it out.
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