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User Info: DirtyKirbyKilla

8 years ago#1
Are there any different classes such as barbarians mage archer etc.. in this game?
or is anyone aware of any games such as Champions:Return to Arms.(champions of norrath)

For either Ps3 or xbox 360 ive been looking forward to a game like that .

User Info: orochi210

8 years ago#2
Yes there are different classes i remember playing the first one, They had the classes like this

Tier 1

Tier 2
Knight Samurai
Marauder Imperial
Sorcerer Shugenja
Battle Mage Monk
Celestial Budoka
Paladin Valkyrie
Hunter Enchantress

Theres also a tier 3 but im not sure what classes those are, However they may have toned down the number of classes
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