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Police station foxiest of hounds and silver tongue (Archived)Albedo_Piazolla34/21 10:17AM
What's up with the audio in this game ? (Archived)magiceddie0514/11 5:52PM
Future of Deus Ex tomorrow at 09:00 PDT at Deus Ex Facebook (Archived)egpNoodlez34/8 9:30AM
New Discoveries (at least to me) - ****POSSIBLE SPOILERS**** (Archived)joaquintall12/16 12:44AM
Reload Speed in Derelict Row (Archived)WraithGirl412/19 9:49AM
Augmentation control (Archived)up_under_200819/13 4:21AM
Got Pacifist and Foxiest of the Hounds in one try (Archived)TheKyubi38/25 4:47PM
I never asked for this. (Archived)DuranOfForcena16/25 7:36PM
Why is the DC stuff not added as DLC or an update?? (Archived)zombiehunting8426/25 7:58AM
Do I get plenty of exp even if I just kill everyone? (Archived)Arc16646/6 6:41AM
Forgot how much I loved this game until I got the Director's Cut. (Archived)ReignOfDestiny24/27/2014
I've put up with the ridiculous glitches, but now it's totally stuck!!!!!!!!!!!! (Archived)Paulo33/22/2014
psn login bug (Archived)KryptAngel12/8/2014
Hyron Alternative Ending ** Spoilers ** (Archived)iesus51/24/2014
Does Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut include all the DLC and Trophies? (Archived)Mud_Car64111/27/2013
No NG+ patch for the old version of the game smh (Archived)markmerser111/2/2013
What's the name of the apartment that Adam Jensen lives in? (Archived)IcyFlamez96310/28/2013
Director's Cut (Archived)
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New Deus Ex game announced, no details yet besides next gen only (Archived)Iminyourcloset810/22/2013
pacifist run saving malik (Archived)aniversary910/15/2013
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