I had a dream that I was augmented

#1WarVeterinarianPosted 5/4/2012 9:51:32 PM
First of all, I don't know if it's good that I had a very detailed cool dream, or it's sad that I had a video game-related dream.

First thing I remember, I was sitting at a LIMB clinic in a room full of Praxis kits and augmented parts, looking at their catalogue and choosing my augmentations. I don't know about the dialogue that occured during the operation, but next thing I remember I was already awake from the operation and my augmentations were already installed. I looked in the mirror and my eyes looked really weird, my head has chips embedded in it and my right arm is now white and biomechanical.

So, I tried out my new augmentations. One of the augmentations that were installed is some kind of software in my brain that resembled MS Paint or Photoshop, with which I can detach myself from reality for a while and conceive up anything in my mind, in pictures or 3D model, in realtime. Then I could choose to save them as pictures and store them in a memory bank.

My eyes could also function as a camera that could take pictures which I could also store in the memory bank.

And as for my arm, it is connected to the memory bank by some means. The arm allows me to make detailed drawings of whatever pictures are in my memory bank using any artistic medium necessary.

Last thing I remember, I was telling my friends about my visit to the LIMB clinic, and they asked why my eyes and arm look weird. I told them that I got augmentations, but they can't understand what I was saying due to being too technical. But when I told them what the augmentations do, they said "Cool!". Then I woke up.
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#2red255Posted 5/4/2012 10:54:45 PM
um, can't you do all that with biological components though?

Or why not just take a picture and run it thru a printer if thats what you want to do? I mean no sense getting augmented to be a printer is there?
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#3WarVeterinarian(Topic Creator)Posted 5/5/2012 12:12:57 AM
Essentially, yes, I could be thought of as a human printer, the only difference being that a printer has no creativity. As for the brain software, I could conjure things up in my head and I could actually see them coming to life in realtime, right in front of my eyes. The memory bank stores all of these so that they would not be forgotten later on. All visual creative work would be much more easier this way.
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