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5 dolars on steam sale may 18th only (Archived)shadowscreed15/18/2013
Does Augmented Edition Include DLC? (Archived)Grimdandelo15/18/2013
game frequently freezes/crashes (Archived)Silbe15/2/2013
Try playing without buying or selling anything (except Praxis kits) (Archived)TazmanianD54/27/2013
This game NEEDS NG+ (Archived)PatchYourselfUp64/26/2013
Extra reward for non-lethal play, aside from XP & achievement? (Archived)
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Raising the volume using REGEDIT, help (Archived)GabrielCupim24/17/2013
Adam Jensen in Zesty Italian dressing commercial (Poll)thepenguin5524/14/2013
Weapon Modifications List? (Archived)Ronikth214224/6/2013
So i was throwing barrels at Barrett... (Archived)Yokoso53/28/2013
Was anyone else surprised that Pritchard... *spoilers* (Archived)TazmanianD93/28/2013
Check out this trailer... (Archived)OrangeSchweese63/22/2013
Bugged "Ghost" bonus? Antenna mission (Archived)ratz_hk73/18/2013
Thief 4 rumored for next-gen consoles only, no PC release (Archived)lightpeak53/18/2013
DLC Filled My Inventory. Can I store I somewhere? (Archived)Tyrjala83/18/2013
Everyone who's a huge fan of this game should watch this (Archived)jakeDiLLa13/11/2013
Anyway to disable takedown animation? (Archived)user64x23/8/2013
Would this game be much less enjoyable if I play with a stealthy-combat style? (Archived)
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Weapon FAQ - plasma rifle. (Archived)Yokoso23/4/2013
how to win social battle with Wayne Haas at Police department (Archived)bigwhiterabbit32/28/2013
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