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How is the DlC? (Archived)Dimon101310/22/2012
I have a question about New Game+, but no spoilers please. (Archived)
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Just finished the game... *spoilers!* (Archived)Aiphrem210/21/2012
Ghost in Tai Young Medical (Van Bruggen's recording)? (Archived)TazmanianD210/20/2012
Sarif Industry Helipad Storage (Archived)Greyslayer1976210/14/2012
Has anyone tried to clear the game without using Praxis Kits? (Archived)Goshorai510/14/2012
Detroit Police Station - Second Visit (Detroit) --SPOILERS-- (Archived)I-M-INDIAN18810/13/2012
Games saves GONE!!! (Archived)punches_n_kix210/13/2012
Found EMP in Hengsha Construction Site (Malik) *Spoiler* (Archived)SoreThumb_110/11/2012
Difference in Praxis Kits Between Passive/Non-Lethal & Aggressive Gameplay? (Archived)Death Durron310/11/2012
Is this game 1st or 3rd person? (Archived)Orca782710/10/2012
Day of Sex or Do Sex? (Archived)Nate_Dihldorff610/2/2012
Dear god is the text font hard to read. Any ways to change it? (Archived)Superrpgman79/30/2012
Ghosting the Malik scenario? (Archived)Gaelstrom99/30/2012
Police Station ghost (Archived)smokeycut99049/30/2012
Jaime Reyes?! (Archived)Vesperitis39/30/2012
Pacifist my ass... *** ENDING SPOILERS *** (Archived)sth12859/27/2012
controller support? (Archived)ViperishPigeon29/26/2012
Detroit LIMB clinic doctor side-quest? (SPOILERS) (Archived)I-M-INDIAN1839/18/2012
Why am I missing Ghost? (Archived)Gaelstrom69/18/2012
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