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6 years ago#1
I've just helped Reesa break the thief, Mazon, out of jail. After meeting at her house, I'm stuck. What do you do after this? No idea where Mazon is, and Reesa's house is permanently locked. Zask won't talk to me either. So what do I do to start the next quest (breaking into the temple, I assume) ?
6 years ago#2
Hm, it might be bugged. I think the next part was just to talk to Zask and let him know she's alright because he asked you to look after her in the first place.
6 years ago#3
Oh, and if you already talked to Zask and the thief guy returned with the map of the guard patrol routes for the temple then that is when you're supposed to break into it. Just run in the front entrance and sneak around all the patrols and hit the switches.
6 years ago#4
Actually, the thief guy never returned with any map. Don't really know where he is. Am I supposed to go meet him somewhere?
6 years ago#5
You make the mistake I did and left her shack too early, you can't get back in unless you reload a save. What you were supposed to do is talk to them when they come through the portal, then Mazon will leave. THEN you talk to Reesa again and she'll thank you and tell you to talk to Zask. Once you do this you can return to her house and continue with the next mission. |
6 years ago#6
Oh dammit, appears that I've broken this quest permanently. Apparently I missed a conversation with Reesa right after Mazon leaves.

This appears to be a serious bug, a lot of people are complaining about it on the official boards. Apparently if an NPC is too slow to walk over to you and trigger a conversation, you can actually leave the area and break the quest. This can happen in a LOT of quests (even main game ones).

So I guess, wait around until you're sure all the NPCs have said what they've supposed to said. :P
6 years ago#7
Yeah man, I've just have a quest **** me good now, I teleported out of an area I can no longer access. 60+ hours down the drain. Too much boring dialogue and bad voice actors to make me start again. Think I'll shelve this for a few months. |
6 years ago#8
I've the very same problem... any code to solve this?
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