This or Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga?

#1deathman9Posted 11/14/2010 5:15:07 PM
Which game is better? I want to get a new RPG game but can't decide between the two.
#2olgert56Posted 11/14/2010 5:43:48 PM
They're very different. Divinity 2 is more of an action type game. The graphics are better in Two Worlds 2. Also, TW2 has more complex controls and a bigger world, but Divinity 2 has more enemies around as far as I can remember. That said, it seems to me that Two Worlds 2 is more of an RPG than Divinity 2 is, but they're both great games if you ask me. Now, the Dragon Knight Saga includes the original game so you're getting the game itself and the expansion, while Two Worlds 2 is only one game...on the other hand, Two Worlds 2 is said to have A LOT of hours in it so I'm guessing as far as money goes, you're getting the money's worth in both games. I can't really recommend one over the other at this point because I'm only a few hours into Two Worlds and it's very good so far, but I can tell you that I had a blast with Divinity 2 when I played it. It's very entertaining (but can give you a bad first impression). If you tell me what you like in an RPG I could make a better judgment.
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I like a good story and character development but I would be shocked if there is ether of that in these games, seeing as how just about all the games that came out in the past decade have sucked when it came to that.
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Neither game. Both are bad. :(
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Then you are not really looking for an RPG if good story and character development is what you are looking for.
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AmZD posted...
Then you are not really looking for an RPG if good story and character development is what you are looking for.

wow...I don't even know where to begin. I hope you typed that wrong. What is an RPG for if not for a story and character development? Thats how they all started! Like Dragon Age Origins is all about the story, and thats new...and that was based off Baldur's Gate, which is heavily focused on story and character development...

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This is good, u like rpg get this.
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@ deathman, well, as far as the story goes you pretty much save the world as usual (at least in Divinity 2)... that's always the case with RPG stories..they're never that great (except a few, of course). So far it appears that both TW2 and D2's stories are on par with each other...pretty much mediocre, but normal for RPGs. The dialogue is well-written in both, but it can be cheesy at times...sort of like Gothic 3 if you've played it. The voice acting is also pretty good. It's not Bioware level writing and acting, but it's good enough.

As far as character development...Divinity 2 gives you the freedom to be a mage, fighter, and ranger if you want. There are no limits to what you can do and each of them has a large variety of skills. But in the end it's an action-oriented RPG with streamlined combat. TW2 also seems to leave this up to you. In Two Worlds 2 there are 4 main areas (mage, vitality, range, and warrior) and then there are 6 secondary skill sets, each containing about 10-12 skills to invest in, so it's a pretty damn good selection. If you've played the witcher, it's similar.
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Depends, both are really nice, I liked both, I DID finish this one and left Divinity at like 70% of the game though, gonna start it soon again.
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Well if you are looking for really great story and character development i say you get either mass effect or dragon age origins. Though if you have already finished them i would say that both DKS and TW2 are great games with great story and gameplay. Though i prefer TW2. Especially if you like mages, cause they have made them really great. You can make your own spell combinations which is really awesome!!!!