PLS how to reach New Ashos??

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6 years ago#1

Ive been wandering around the main island doing all possible quests and now Ive got some active quests in New Ashos. I cant reach that island. I tried swiming but there is no use. I understand there should be a place where u can buy a boat but I don know where that is. or if there is any other way to that island...can some one help me pls????

6 years ago#2
What? Chapter 1 has you on the Savannah island and at the very end when you finish the Tower of Fangs, Cass tells you to go to New Ashos and the 2nd chapter begins. Then you can just teleport there. I'm not sure how you got additional quests for New Ashos without ever setting foot on it and talking to quest npcs.
6 years ago#3

thanks mate. I thought I can get there sometime in the first chapter. thanks again for enlighting me, I wouldve spent my entire life trying to reach New Ashos


6 years ago#4
you can get there before you finish chapter 1 if you are creative and bored like me.

I brewed a couple potions that allow you to walk on water. I drank one at a time and ran across the sea until I reach new ashos to complete the runestone quests.

the fun part is after I finish chapter 1, i didn't get the option to go to the new teleporter on ashos and so I had to teleport to some other teleporter I had already discovered while I was there exploring. it's also very good that I had some personal teleporter so I just placed them down in New Ashos so I can teleport back and forth before I finished chapter 1.
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