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5 years ago#1
where do you get effect cards for this? finally bought the skill book, robe, and staff at mages guild, but they don't seem to sell any necromancy spells whatsoever.
5 years ago#2
Necromency cards are available from the 'citizen's..mix up with carrier cards and modifier cards to create spells!!
5 years ago#3
oh..this card system can be confusing i guess, i don't have any carrier cards. So i need to buy those and mix up with others to create a necro spell?
5 years ago#4
You have two carrier cards from the beginning..missile and area can buy few more if you wish..but you will gets lots of carrier cards and blank spell amulets when you progress through the game!!
5 years ago#5
ok i know what you're saying, but there are NO necro effect cards available from the citizens in the mages guild...i've checked twice and there's only fire, earth and some others.

does the stock change or something and you have to keep checking back?
5 years ago#6
The Citizens are the blackmarket merchants that loiter about town, not the stores in the Mages Guild.
There's one in Bayan standing by the south exit.


We watch. And we are always there.
5 years ago#7
oh..gotcha, i'll check the others out
5 years ago#8
Found 3 necro, 2 wind, 1 water effect card, 1 missile card, and 1 blank card by the time I reached the mage guild. Not to mention the tons of necro staff.

It is scary to know that there are intelligent discussion in /b/.
5 years ago#9
It is worth noting that necromancy is essentially forbidden, legit merchants shouldnt sell you these spells.

In the first game, you had to talk to slightly hidden shady dealers just outside of town, they had ''forbidden wares'' to offer.

So dont be shy to post random info about where you find these dealers or necromancy is most likely the most difficult mage path to take. (in terms of progression, im sure it is quite powerful)
5 years ago#10
1 npc [near house/pier] at halhin
1 npc [near one of the village gate] at bayan
1 npc [near entrance to sewer] at cheznaddar
2 npc at hatmandor

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