best weapon/crystals

#1jau004Posted 1/5/2011 1:12:24 AM
ok, what is the best weapon in the game for a warrior, what is the best 2h sword and the best 1h sword? what is the best staff for mages? and how about the rangers, what is the best ranged weapon? also, what are the best crystals to use on that weapon for mage/ranger/warrior?

in advance, thanks :D
#2changtau2005Posted 1/19/2011 2:34:29 AM

Best 2-h weapon is the tornado guan-dao usable at level 47. Essentially forget about shields and 1-h weapons as if you maximally upgrade your armor at your peak potential, more armor is essentially redundant and it is more efficient to gain extra damage via a 2-h weapon. If you want an idea of how strong it is,

Either use the console or play it out. Give yourself about 50 endurance, pump the rest into strength. Buy the dwarven pride armor (essentially the best set you canbuy from an NPCat level 47). With all pieces at +20 and nothing else, you can tank multiple arrows from the guardians (city guards) and if your HP regeneration skill is maxed out, you can tank like 4-5 of them shooting at you with your weapon sheathed and your regeneration rate will cover the damage you're taking. That's pretty insane. No crystals or anything whatsoever. Just level 47+ and a suit of upgrade level 20 armor

Best bow I'm not sure. Maybe someone else can answer that question

Best staff is available at level 27. Type of element does not affect spell damage so essentially an arbitrary choice. Level 27 staff is the archmage variant. Instead of going damage crystals go for willpower. Try my post about making a mage for more information