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5 years ago#1

Can anyone confirm that the 'hero.move.fastrunspeed' code works? I've tried and it doesn't seem to do anything.

5 years ago#2
are you enabling cheats first with "twoworldscheats"

and are you remember to use a number? hero.move.fastrunspeed 2 is faster than horse and works fine
5 years ago#3
Why not just hit Tab to turn on sprinting, then once you head out, hold down right mouse button for super fast sprinting.
5 years ago#4
hero.move.fastrunspeed changes the sprint speed when you hold down right mouse button. i like it at 2 for getting around fast at lower stamina cost.
5 years ago#5
There really should be a spell for this...using either air or lightning.
5 years ago#6

Thanks for the help guys. My mistake was that I assumed it altered the tab activated auto-sprinting speed, not the right click super sprinting. So I've got it working now, thanks again.

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