Bought on Steam..Installed on Win 7 64 bit....won't start...need help

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5 years ago#1

I just bought this game on Steam and installed on my Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system. I've validated the files and made sure they were defragged. I've also tried to reinstall the physic's software but it reports that my version is newer. I have read that when you first start the game up you have to enter a serial number but I don't even get that far.....Just get a black screen and windows says there was a problem and it closes. Anyone have any suggestions?

5 years ago#2
When you start the game, right-click it in your steam list, and try the Direct X 10 mode.
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5 years ago#3

did that

5 years ago#4
I've had a lot of problems on the recent Steam games not working after installing. What worked for me is updating my graphics card drivers to the most current. Then in Steam go to your game, right click, choose properties, go to Local Files tab and click VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE. After that's done, restart your system and give it another go. It's worked every time for me.
5 years ago#5
Unfortunately I can't offer any help except for confirming that the game does run on my 64 bit win 7 ultimate, so it's not the operating system.
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5 years ago#6

I got it in Steam's Summer sale. I have 64 bit Win7 HP. When I first opened it, it did the DirectX install but then it just kind of closed. I tried both the regular and DirectX10 options and it did not run. It did however run via the installed desktop icon after I rebooted so maybe you just need to do a reboot.

5 years ago#7
Thanks, but I've already tried that too. I've email the game maker along with steam support....doubt that I'll get much help but we will see.
5 years ago#8
I had to restart my computer, then it worked fine
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5 years ago#9
Well, I decided to install on my other operating system....XP 32 bit that I have on a second hard drive. When I built this computer about 2 years ago....I installed Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on my big drive and XP on a smaller drive. I can switch between them at startup. I decided to install Two Worlds II on the XP drive and it started right up. I now have several games loaded there that would not run on my Windows 7 drive......Metro 2033, Singularity, Stalker Clear Sky and now Two Worlds II. Since I was able to start it, I have to say I'm not really thrilled with the way you are able to move in the game. I have never seen a game set up like this.....very disorienting.
5 years ago#10

UPDATE!!! In the Steam Forum for Two Worlds II, I read a thread about reinstalling the Physix software and it works now!! I read in another thread about reinstalling the Physix software and tried it. I first uninstalled the Physix from the Windows 7 from Programs and Features Uninstall and then went to the Steam directory and found the install folder in Two Worlds II and reinstalled the Physix software then rebooted my computer and now the game runs. Thanks for the help and now the game runs with no problems.

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