I have looked everywhere why dont consoles have manual aiming for bows?

#1LightbornePosted 2/7/2014 3:10:20 AM
Everyone saids its in there options from the gold update, and I play on 360. I dont play online but maybe I have to buy the pirate dlc to get this? What gives?

Archery really is the only one im interested in, the skills seem to offer the most depth as ive been dissapointed with how polearms are op and and some melee moves arent useful do its kind of pointless to use multiple weapons.

And I find magic in this game kind of shallow and bland, sure it has depth but its easy to figure out what combinations to use and easy to make an arsenal. Im not sure on support skills, havent seen any shields that can damage enemies for a battlemage type.

But if anyone could answer my question I would be very greatful thank you.
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