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5 years ago#1
I'm playing through as a full mage. I invested no points into strength or dexterity, and in the final battle, it appears that you have to destroy four altars in order to defeat the unconscious. However, while I destroyed two altars with ease, the other two are immortal.

I'm thinking they made it to where two altars are immune to magic and two altars are immune to melee, but I'm too weak to lift a damn weapon outside of the bonus code weapons which do no damage at all. I can't destroy the altars before the boss heals, which in turn causes the altars to heal.

I think I'm stuck and can't beat him, so has anybody played this DLC? Hardly anybody on any forums is talking about it and I can't get any damn help.

I've heard there is a respect guy in the DLC, but I haven't found him. I'll have to do the final dungeon all over again, which is long and boring, but can somebody tell me where he is at? Or if there is a way to defeat the subconscious with only magic?

I'm really mad at this game right now...
5 years ago#2
Use an earth staff and melee using the staff?
.:The Fatal Four:.
5 years ago#3
Didn't have one, and it the pathetic melee attack with my air staff did nothing. Anyway, I just completed the mission after respecing my character. I believe two of the altars can only be damaged by magic - including enchanted weapons - and the other two altars can only be destroyed by melee.
5 years ago#4
Hint: summoning.
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