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3 years ago#1
in two worlds 1 their was a console for the game on the 360 does two worlds 2 have a console?

and i like being a mage but my spells are always underpowered any good spell combos? and how to get lots of mana and can a mage wear armour? or whats the best armour for my mage? im a necromancer :)
3 years ago#2
This game has the best magic system in any game so far IMO. You can make powerful spells with money and leveling. Don't know what you mean about "have a console"..I don't think mages can wear armor but plenty of buffing spells to make you tougher.

As a new necromancer, i'd suggest focusing on building up your character so you can start summoning more than one creature at a time and let them whittle away at enemies.
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3 years ago#3
Here is a link to the cheats section for the game. It lists how to get in to the console and some of the commands.
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