18 wheels of steel extreme trucker

#1jamersoniiiPosted 9/6/2009 9:44:31 PM
18WOS has a new game coming out in October. I havent been able to find anything about the features but I wanted to mention some changes that could be made from American Long Haul. The graphics on the trucks were great but the cities were bad. Im hoping for better. Id like for the driver to get out of the trucks. Maybe even take showers at truck stops. Eat and store food in the sleeper. Watch tv in the sleeper. The driver can even sleep back there along w/ time advancement. Some road debris, more moutain driving. Better weather conditions. You know it doesnt just snow in Canada. Well we'll see next month. Rigs N Roll doesnt seem like a bad game. They allow the driver to get out and fuel the truck. I just dont like that you can only driver in California. It would be cool if the game was like GTA without the crimes. You would drive on the highways then once to got to the cities, the cities would load up. Tighter turns, unique docks,etc. real life driving. I might have to go to school and learn to design a game like that myself. LOL!!!