Custom Maps in Nazi Zombie

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What is the best downloadable nazi zombie map? Does it have the pack-a-punch? Where is the best place to download maps? How do i get the downloadable maps to run?

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skberntz posted...
What is the best downloadable nazi zombie map?

My favourites are:


skberntz posted...
Does it have the pack-a-punch?

Yes, all the above have Pack-A-Punch machines.

skberntz posted...
Where is the best place to download maps? (.EXE);cat=106 (.ZIP)

skberntz posted...
How do i get the downloadable maps to run?

All the mods must be UNZIPPED or UNRAR'd and must go in to a certain directory depending on your Operating System:

Windows XP - C:Documents and SettingsYOUR_USER_NAMELocal SettingsApplication DataActivisionCoDWaWMods
Windows Vista - C:UsersYOUR_USER_NAMEAppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaWmods
Windows 7 - C:UsersYOUR_USER_NAMEAppDataLocalActivisionCoDWaWmods

Replace YOUR_USER_NAME with your actual user name, lol.

You won't have a mods folder so you will to make one yourself. Also, you may need to check your settings for "Show hidden files and folders". If done correctly, click Mods in the Main Menu and you will see your maps listed:

If you go to - They have .exe versions of mods, they automatically detect your OS, extract and move the files for you. They can also help you out with any other questions.

Press Launch to load the map:
For single player, you need to enable "console" in the Game Options:

Then press ~ to open the Console command line and type:
/map nazi_zombie_b01 (type the full name of the FOLDER), Press enter and map will start.
You can type /devmap instead of /map if you want to play with cheats.

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Sorry for the double post (I don't know how to edit, I've looked for it for ages).

I used nazi_zombie_b01 (which is an old map) in the example above, but if you choose to play nazi_zombie_doom3x, then type:
"/map nazi_zombie_doom3x"

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I didnt know you can play modded zombies in single player, thanks for the help
i feel icky going in co-op and knowing i dont know the layout and is a liability to the team
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Since this thread is close enough

Is there a popular site for Zombie mods? For example, i get ALL my L4D mods from

i know about but i assume there's an official website elsewhere