SUPER N))B please help

#1snig01Posted 8/10/2011 1:08:44 PM
Ok so here goes my friend is a pc gamer and i am just beginning to make the change my self so hes offered me world at war for like 5 i think its about $12 or some thing but i was wondering if i could still play it online because i thought pc games with steam have a code you need to enter so that you no longer have to use the disc.

Not to sure if that makes any sence lol but thanks
#2snig01(Topic Creator)Posted 8/10/2011 1:10:41 PM
lol omg i held shift while pressing the "0" key haha sorry about that
#3biroomiPosted 8/17/2011 6:39:12 PM

Sorry you can't activate this game on steam if you bought it retail, the only way to have it on steam is to buy from there, its 20$ right now. as for multiplayer, well apparently the game is full of hacked lobbys, so not much fun there, better save up the money for MW3 or BF3 if you ask me.