new zombie maps?

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8 years ago#1
i've been hearing alot lately that there will be a patch with new zombie maps, i've done some research and this is what i found...

"Daniel Suarez, executive producer for Call of Duty: World at War has said that they aim to bring out two or three map packs out, stating that the DLC will be different and ‘unusual’ to that which gamers received for CoD: Modern Warfare.

In an interview with MTV Multiplayer he went on to say that the updates are ‘not going to be what we’ve done traditionally’ and that they are aiming to deliver something ‘mysterious’. This is sure to excite CoD players all over the world and spark off a speculation campaign.

What we do know though is that the upcoming DLC for the game will be coming at the beginning of the New Year but that is all that Suarez would let out. What do you guys what to see in World at War? Maybe they will fix the lobby problems as an added Christmas present. "
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8 years ago#2
I also just came accross this story,

Get ready for a twist, “Call of Duty” fans.

Even though the new “Call of Duty: World At War” is succeeding with consumers and critics by sticking to the successful adrenaline-fueled formula of its franchise predecessor, new downloadable content coming to the game in 2009 will represent a break from 2007’s “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.”

"How much of a break from the “Modern Warfare” DLC will it be?

In a phone interview with MTV Multiplayer just before Thanksgiving, “World at War” executive producer Daniel Suarez confirmed that the game’s development team is working on downloadable content that will exceed the single multi-player map-pack offered for “Modern Warfare” earlier this year. “We want to do at least — the hope is — potentially two, maybe three packs out before we’re all said and done.”

Suarez said announcements of the downloadable content would be coming at the beginning of the New Year. While he declined to provide a release schedule, he offered this surprise: “It’s not going to be what we’ve done traditionally. I’ll leave it a little bit mysterious.”

What was “traditional” for “Call of Duty” would have to be what was done for “Modern Warfare.” That consisted of four multiplayer maps released five months after the base game launched. What could the new approach be? Downloadable content for the single-player campaign instead of just multiplayer map packs? New armament? New music? A map editor? “Call of Duty” fans should start guessing.

But here’s one option fans shouldn’t consider: the content won’t involve a cross-over with “Modern Warfare.” I asked if the development team on “World at War” was exploring an option to bring the weapons and maps of these two most recent “Call of Duty” games into one meshed, generation-spanning experience. Suarez said nothing like that is in the works."
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8 years ago#3
- Elvis Impersonator Zombies.
- Zero Gravity Zombies.
- Zombies with Guns.
- Oblivion with Guns.
- Blue and Red Tiger Camo (SUPRISE!).
- Zombies with Zombies for Zombies.
- Play as Zombies (L4D).
- Ultimate Zombie Knitting Competition.
- New Maps.
- Something involving Zombies.
- Underwater Zombie Free Tag.
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8 years ago#4
lol nice
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8 years ago#5
I'm sure 360 and PC will be the only platforms that get these "updates" if they're even for-real. I mean, they fixed the glitches already on the 360 but did they fix it for us yet? Nope!

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8 years ago#6
PC already got 4 new zombie maps, and yeah man whats up with that? why is ps3 the only console that hasn't fixed the glitches yet? damn not cool at all, i remember those days when Sony was at the top of the mountain
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8 years ago#7
I read on the official Call Of Duty message board at that the developer said something like this (DON'T QUOTE ME ON THIS!)..........."we've already fixed the glitch on the 360. We're currently working with Sony to fix it for the PS3. There's a lot of leaps and bounds we have to get through first but don't worry it's comin'........"
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8 years ago#8
(Taken from the official PS3 WaW forum on

NOTICE: PS3 Update Today - Update *Please Read*
Posted: 15 days ago
6118 | 285 |

Hi all,

Just a heads-up, we are releasing the PS3 equivalent of the hotfix we released for the 360 last week. It takes care of some of the map glitches, zombie glitches, and other various bugs. It is far from the last update we'll be releasing, so please continue to provide feedback as we work to iterate on the issues as quickly as possible.


UPDATE: Unforeseen circumstances have forced us to undo the hotfix that went live today. We apologize for the rollback, and will be releasing a proper fix for the PS3 as soon as we are able.
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8 years ago#9
ye but theres ment to be alot more than 2-3 i think cuz ive been luking at these maps and theres lots of potential maps
8 years ago#10

do any body know where to find a zombie map editor really need it .

or a link 2 one plz!!!!!!

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