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8 years ago#1
as many of you have clearly seen, ray guns have been found in campaign
the first was found by pokemon4life123
this leads me to believe that there is more than one level with ray guns
i also think that other levels, except black cat and the tank one, have ray guns as well
if you know of any other ray gun locations or know how to get to them post here
ill go first

Little Resistance
once you get to the beach, go towards the right side and jump into a crater filled with water
as you move towards the left side of the beach there will be another crater with water
followed by an empty crater
followed by another water filled crater
jump through all of them in the order above and wait in the last one
look towards the objective and your radar should dissapear
a voice will speak and 4 lions holding ray guns will pop out of the ground
8 years ago#2
8 years ago#3
curiosity is now killing me to see if this has any truth to it, so im going to try it.. ill probably end up doing it, and where the ray gun is supposed to pop up, itll be a movie screen, where immediately ill be rick rolled.. haha
8 years ago#4
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8 years ago#5
told u, now i need ppl who know it works to find other ones and post them up
sticky this if you want
8 years ago#6
^Access the link now!!!^
8 years ago#7
wtf tag
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8 years ago#8
8 years ago#9
bump for bumpiness
8 years ago#10
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