Laser Gun In Campaign

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7 years ago#1
On the level when you are in the amphibious assault vehicles once you get onto the beach, the deepest left front crater (I'm not quite sure, but if not then just try all the craters) if you stand in it (i jumped as well) eventually you will start to hear some weird ass stuff. Then a bunch of those lion statues that are seen all around during the Jap campaign will show up and inside their mouths are the laser guns. My friend and I have done this on single player. I don't know if it works on co-op. Don't try to stand in the small craters, only the large ones filled with water. Don't hold me to it, maybe it was a glitch in the game or something, but it was pretty sweet.
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7 years ago#2
it's kind of cOLD in here.
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7 years ago#3
not really i feel pretty warm right now
7 years ago#4
Laser gun? Wow
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7 years ago#5
Lol laser gun....LAME

Everyone knows its the Alien Destructor.
7 years ago#6
First I've heard.
B. O. Davis
7 years ago#7
Hahaha,hahah. ahhh, OLLLLLLLDDDDDD
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7 years ago#8
Well, I'm am pretty new to this game.
B. O. Davis
7 years ago#9
wow I didn't knwo that what other levels can you find it on?
7 years ago#10
still that one, I thought you find a new one. anyway, it is true, I tried when I first heard about it. it's cool but not really usefull, since you only get it for that one mission.

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