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6 years ago#1
Currently, my tops are...

Score Rank: 4,721
Score: 329,870 with 1938 Kills (Used the fences alot in the later rounds)
Round and time: Round 47, 7 Minutes and 49 Seconds

I do believe somebody was calling me out before, just curious as to how good you all did on your best game of Der Riese. I remember somebody calling me out and they only had like 1 friend on their whole list, you should come show your score again and see how it compares. Curious if anyone has beat this score.
6 years ago#2

nice job on the 47 :) its kind of dumb but your high score is a reflection of the match you reached the highest level on. i know i have over 2 thousand kills on one match but the leaderboards say otherwise.

at 3 player Der Riese

high round: 41

score: 200k+ not sure

kills: 1700?

6 years ago#3
Yea, I was rocking the hell out of the flamethrower lol.. Somebody was calling me out on this board before and told me not to speak until I beat their top score. I hope he comes back in here and has something to say. xD...

Vader loves it.
6 years ago#4
The leaderboard screenshot only has two people on it because I only have one friend on my friends' list that has this mappack and even has any stats on the screen. You seem to not be able to read a leaderboard correctly.

Let me break it down for you in layman's terms.

The game I played was with four people. Observe this shot now, which has three people on it because I added some random guy a few seconds ago to show you that the number of people displayed on the screen is simply the number of people on your friends' list who have stats for that particular map pack.


Do you see anything on this chart that indicates the number of people that were in the match at the time that the score was incurred? Nope, didn't think so, because it doesn't keep track of it on the high score leaderboard.

Observe now, how when I add a few more random people, the leaderboard now displays the scores of those random people. By your logic, then, I clearly was playing in a game with 5 people when I got the score that is displayed.


This guy right here, Tomiz. Yea, what's up now?... Found ya.
6 years ago#5

just wanted to let you know i played with randoms yesterday and heard some people refer to the "Suicide Run" by name also im starting to get people to use the "Power Up Glitch" as well, wonder how long before people start using that one.

6 years ago#6

those people out there that play Der Riese know this, we teach kids.

6 years ago#7
Funny how hardly anybody knows about the piece of paper down in the drain near the mainframe that gives you more powerups if you run, lay down, and hold X. xD... it works, for real.
6 years ago#8

yeah ive seen back to back max ammos fall 3 times in 2 days since using that little note.

also if you can afford to not pick up those ammos you will be rewarded later in the match when they drop again.

6 years ago#9
Haha. Bruised ego much?

I believe you answered your own question in the 4th post.


It is funny that I got that score by round 37, whereas it took you a full 10 extra rounds to catch up.
6 years ago#10
Funny that I lived longer, probablly hit more fences for sure... and you told me that my style of playing isn't as good as your style, even went to the extent of showing a pic of your high score. Now, you're below me... so, whose style is better bud?...
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