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HIM In Guitar Hero IV (HIM Fans Only) (Archived)
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The REAL Final Song (Archived)MadSkillz940742/11/2008
Atreyu In GHIV (Atreyu Fans Only) (Archived)SMRPGFAN5552/11/2008
YES!! This isn't coming out for PS2! (Archived)
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character creation PLEASE!!! (Archived)Badasi12b22/11/2008
Speed Metal Symphony (Archived)twistedcamel32/10/2008
Is it just me, or does this game need some BfmV??? (Archived)gurp41192/9/2008
I don't care what anyone else says Johnny B. Goode for GH4! (Archived)Nbsno472/9/2008
i think for GH4 they should add (Archived)lerkid42/7/2008
SKA IN GH4 NOW (there needs to be) (Archived)TwolfJB22/6/2008
What bands should really be in the game... (Archived)
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Sign in if you think that Buckethead should be a boss (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Read this before making a setlist attempt! VERY IMPORTANT! (Archived)Zuxtron42/2/2008
I'm gonna give a setlist a try... (Archived)QwertyFortyTwo82/2/2008
Dream Collab. Setlist (Archived)
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Whytree7's poll for songs Day 1- nominations (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I bet $100 (Archived)L0Z41/29/2008
What I hope for this game (Archived)persunovdum21/28/2008
Some downloadable tracks suggestions.. (Archived)The_Wild_Tiger81/28/2008
What What? When did this happen? GH4? (Archived)doshindude31/28/2008
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