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8 years ago#1
Somehow, the first boss seems much harder in this game than the first. Whenever the claw-teacher-thing gets metsu'd a few times to the point that he's almost dead, he just starts jumping around until he hits me enough that I die. I've been at it several times already and it always follows that pattern. Can anyone help me on this?
8 years ago#2
He didn't do this to me. He would jump, but not obessively. Maybe try putting blocks in his way so he has to slash them? I happened to find one position where if I ducked while on my kekkai he would jump over my head, but wouldn't stop jumping until I got down where he could hit me. ;)
8 years ago#3
I think it was because I was constantly standing on a kekkai that he was attempting to destroy. I think it means I have to stay on the ground more. At least I beat him although he seems more of a mini-boss than a real boss.
8 years ago#4
Yeah, there are two bosses on that level, although in the first game he was an actual boss. I dread the bosses in this game though, if the forth stage boss is anywhere near as annoying as the third stage boss, which was even harder than the final stage boss in the first game (not to mention that in the first game you had activatable health power-ups in emergencies, while in this one you're at the mercy of the environment).
8 years ago#5
i wouldn't call the claw dude a boss since music didn't change :P but it was sort of hard to figure out how to beat it. Once u figured it out, u use the same mechanism on the frog - wait till it opens it mouth then kekkai it

btw, i post a msg on the other thread, i need help with chapter 3 - the stage where you don't use the stair but u just drop off from floor to floor. I wondered around and beat this, i suspect to be, mini bosses (3 flying rats?) then I dunno where to go from there

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