Only 19 More Years...

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3 years ago#1
...until The Blaze.
3 years ago#2
Yep. If all goes well, I plan on being there.
3 years ago#3
Limited time wallpaper on Sting's website, as per usual.

And if Baroque Syndrome is any right, we should start seeing mutations well before the Great Heat Wave. Some of us might be lucky enough to get a job as Baroque mongers.
3 years ago#4
In case anyone's interested in a manga update, translation continues apace.

The last chapter of vol. 2 is nearly done, the only issue is that we're missing a few pages from the stuff SonicRuler uploaded. Vol 3 isn't on my site, but the manga group I'm working with says they have a raw provider, so neither issue should really hold things up.
3 years ago#5
...and we thought this board was dead.
3 years ago#6

*looks around shiftily*

No comments about my absence.

Which pages do you need me to reupload and I'll see if I can get volume 3 up. I might host it at a different place if thats okay since the printers I have available like making files too large to put on your hosting place.
3 years ago#7
Oh my. Sting has uploaded all their 5/14 wallpapers, including some extra ones, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Saturn release.

For whatever reason, they are only available for one day (but if you miss it, I've downloaded them all). Here:
3 years ago#8
oh wow, thanks. I had no idea about these *3*
3 years ago#9
Hi Sonic -
we're missing the pages that would be numbered Scan 95-96, I think these correspond to pages 184-187 as the manga numbers them.
3 years ago#10
Posted 95 and 96 up. Don't know why they didn't get up in the first place.

I have some (like 20 pages) of volume 3 scanned but like I said they are too big for your ftp, going to try a different printer to see if it makes the files smaller.
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