Voices 175 and 201

#1SonicRulerPosted 9/7/2013 1:53:04 AM
Yeah making another topic again.

I just can't seem to get these two voices from the baroquemonger even after I've done so much stuff and constantly exhausted everything he has said. Is there some other trigger? Do I need to have every single baroque first before he says them? Is it something after you have brought back everybody and talked to them a bunch of times?

I'm currently in endgame again, just brought back absolute god, have 3 dungeons left. I though the "this distortion isn't something new blah blah blah" might have been after the archangel mentions how there seems to be a new distortion in the world but that wasn't it. Maybe its after I bring back the littles and eliza but not Alice? I'll be trying that next and hey if I answer my own question good on me (as you can guess I brought back Alice before Eliza to deal with the elusive voices first) and I'll mention it here for the potentially one person in the future who wants to know.

So yeah if anyone can let me know I'll be very grateful. I only have 10 voices left so I want to truly finish this stuff.