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3 years ago#1
Quite some time ago I ended up buying the Prequel Visual Novel of Baroque. However I was wondering if anyone was particularly knowledgeable in how to rip things such as music and dialogue from a Japanese PS1 Game. I'd really like to find out how mostly because

1. so I can get the two variations of the original Melody of Tarantella never featured on any soundtrack which I adore, as well as probably upload them somewhere if anyone else is also interested in them.


2. because if I were able to get the dialogue ripped I could perhaps make a rough translation of the game and perhaps upload a synopsis or maybe even upload a playthrough onto youtube if again, anyone was interested.
3 years ago#2
I don't know much myself, but you can try reading this:

That said, Baroque Syndrome is probably not worth the effort. It has some interesting parts, but the story seems too poor and stretched out (likely an effect of trying to make different routes out of a short story). The soundtrack was okay, though. And insce it's a relatively short game, I suppose a translation shouldn't take too long, if you want to make one and you know how to. This last part will probably be the biggest hurdle, because I heard that translating PS1 games is a pain.
3 years ago#3
Thanks, I'll give it a read. Seeing as how I went through the effort of purchasing it I want to at least give it a shot, hopefully I can figure it out.
3 years ago#4
Well sadly after around four hours of trying to get this to work, it always tells me that the files are undetectable, I'm wondering if it has anything to do with it being a Japanese PS1 game. With that said I was hoping that maybe I could just copy the contents of the disk and perhaps find someone online that would know more about this than I, but unfortunately the only files which it allows me to are:

which is a .bin file and although it also says it's a VLC Media Player file, it plays nothing when I try to play it in VLC Media Player.





What I cannot copy however are the contents featured in the "BSMV" folder which are:


MV000.STR through MV030.STR

This one is an .xa file which can also be opened in VLC but fails to be read at all unlike the previous one which just played nothing.
3 years ago#5
Using a program called PSound, you should be able to listen to the audio in the CDIMG.BIN file. 350+ files, but they are mostly short sound effects.

The .STR files are all FMVs; you can view those with something called PsxTulz.

I'm not sure, but I think the .XA file is what you want if you're looking for music. There are a lot of XA programs out there (PSXMC is supposed to be one of the better ones), but most of them were apparently released in the Win98 era, so they don't play too nicely with newer machines.
3 years ago#6
Thanks a lot for the info, I'll give those options a try in a few days when I have some free time. I'll post what the results end up being once I've given it a shot.
3 years ago#7
Good luck. I was playing around with that .XA last night and was able to get one track out of it. About a minute long; it sounded cool but wasn't what you were looking for.

If you haven't already, give vgmstream a try as well: It supports a wide array of formats, and I've had great success with it getting audio out of the other Baroque games. Not so much on this one though: I can see the track lengths in Winamp while using it, but I can't seem to get it to play them. You might have more luck.
3 years ago#8
Thanks again, I'm gonna start giving these a try in just a bit. Hopefully I can get better results this time.

Since you mentioned having experience doing this sort of stuff on the other Baroque games I was curious to know if you have ever managed to get any of the character dialogue from either the Wii or Ps2 versions. I remember I tried to a year or so ago but couldn't. There's just something about some of the dialogue I find really captivating and even eerie at times and I just like listening to it.
3 years ago#9
Well I gave it a try for a few hours, I was easily able to extract the CDIMG files this time around which were as you said all just jingles and such. Unfortunately I had a lot of trouble with most of the other programs that you suggested.

Using something called PSMplay I was able to listen to but not extract the .xa file and I'm pretty sure it was the same one you found as it was only about a minute as well.

As for the .STR files I couldn't get them to work at all, though from your comment I presume you were able to, correct?
3 years ago#10
Yes. I messed around with PSMPlay and was able to get them to play better than in PsxTulz and even extract them to .avi. Just dragging and dropping the files into PSMPlay worked; however I was trying to open them before didn't.

I also tried the .XA in it and, like you said, it just plays that one track. Playing the .DAT file in PSMPlay just plays through all of the .STRs in succession.
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