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I now am the owner and sole proprietor of this board. (Archived)sparticusjoe11/18 6:55PM
Does anyone still play this game? :'( (Archived)JCTC1013110/6/2013
Getting killed in one hit. (Archived)SSaiyaman14/16/2013
Just got "Storm the Front" Skill Point (Archived)MilesPrower4911/14/2013
Looks Like PSP Version of Graphics and Gameplay is Smoother (Archived)rizegreymon3319/1/2011
What are the use of the RYNOCERATOR'S missiles (except for bosses) (Archived)joshua_8_234/28/2011
Question about Friends dont Hurt Friends skill point... (Archived)ethdogz41/12/2011
slot machine mini-game? (Archived)ayame_y_hotsume19/15/2010
So I'm sure I have to restart my game from the beginning.... (Archived)BMWBrandon16/12/2010
Storm the Front skill point (Archived)BlazinBeat13/4/2010
Can I play this game on my PS3?? (Archived)Ruto777211/12/2009
Hydro Pack (Archived)silly_sausage111/8/2009
A quick question.... (Archived)DarkHunterZoro110/14/2009
what is the best armour combination? (Archived)birgeer210/7/2009
Just bought this at BlockBuster used for $6.99 (Archived)MATT00727/30/2009
Why???? (Archived)
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Should I Get This? (Archived)DarkWobbuffetX76/28/2009
any difference between this and the psp version?? (Archived)Yonimaru26/27/2009
High Impact Games Treehouse {HQ} cheat!!! (Archived)PokeHome22/10/2009
Trouble getting the 2nd Titanium Bolt in the Inside Clank level (Archived)viperver122/2/2009
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