How is this an 8.5?

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I like open world games.  The Asssassin's Creed series, GTA, Saints Row, Fallout, and Mass Effect are some of my favorites, so that isn't the case.  My problem is that the game actually hinders you from progressing to the next story mission by constantly making you wanted by everyone at all times, which isn't appealng to me.  Also, I didn't really have much of an incentive to explore this open world, unlike the other sandbx/open-world games I listed above.

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anyone else thinks TC whines too much?
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EazyERock posted...
anyone else thinks TC whines too much?

yes this topic has been here since the 29th of october 2011

now its the 16th of february 2012!!!
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This is quite possibly the longest, and possibly the most successful trolling attempt/success I've seen in a long time.

The OP lists a handful of mediocre shooters wishing Farcry 2 was more like them.

He then says that he's played difficult games, yet all the titles mentioned are current gen titles which further lends credence to the troll theory, or he hasn't actually played a difficult game (read 16 bit console titles or older).

Seriously, kudos, I'm very impressed.

P.S. If you're not trolling, and looking for a real challenge, try :

1. Battletoads - NES, I guarantee you won't make it past the 5th level, and bravo if you even make it to the fifth.
2. Perfect Dark N64/Xbox 360 (arcade title) - Hit up the combat simulator, and unlock perfect sims, and if you can down a perfect sim, then try a dark sim, and you will encounter the most infuriating/lethal/terrifying/brutal FPS experience.

And those two challenges should keep you busy for a decade or so.
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I wouldn't call any of the Call of Duty games mediocre shooters.  I'll say the same thing for Resident Evil and Fallout.  I'm not trying to troll, and Resident Evil 4 is a last-generation game.  

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Since when is Fallout 3/NV considered a shooter? It's far more an Action-RPG/FP-RPG than shooter.

And yes the modern CoD/MW games are mediocre, as in they've brought nothing new to the table besides an army of MW/CoD fanbois who seem to be enticed by graphics and set-pieces. Honestly they're OK games, but it's nothing I haven't seen before in Perfect Dark, Counterstrike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Starsiege Tribes/Tribes 2, Doom, Quake, Hexen, Descent, etc, and 97% of the MW/CoD is full of big-mouthed whiners who resort to all sorts of colorful insults when you outplay them.

And I said mediocre shooters, so I wasn't referring to RE4, which falls under survival horror/action horror.
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Sorry, I didn't know which games you were specifically referring to as mediocre shooters.  I really like the Call of Duty series, particularly their campaigns, which to me are all memorable and enjoyable to play through.  I haven't played many of the titles you listed, as I think some of them aren't available on the xbox 360.  I definitely don't disagree with you on the COD community, though you can say the same thing about the Battlefield community as well.  

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NBAmaster33 posted...
I really like the Call of Duty series

There's your problem right there. I'm not implying that you're like this, but most fans of CoD games just can't play slower-paced FPS games.
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Personally I love this game, it deserves no less than 8/10. The realism of the shooting (aside from enemies taking maybe a few too many sometimes), tactical self-care in the field, brush fires, weapon malfunctions... this game beats out a LOT of games in the realism factor and that's what I enjoy about it. You actually have to think about it before you do something. The sound design is phenom and the story is also totally engaging.

The only things I could complain about is the slow pace, (drive/walk, drive/walk more, fight, drive/walk, drive/walk, talk to somebody...) and the sparse saves. The graphics are dated but that doesn't really matter.