Buddy locations in northern sector?

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8 years ago#1
I want to find them all, I found Warren in the northern sector in a small valley at a plane crash, aperently there are some others at one of the big four first payment mission locales? I imagine there are others elsewhere as well, be nice to hear what everyone knows.
8 years ago#2
also how many buddies can you have at one time?
8 years ago#3
There are 6 buddies in the North, 5 in the South. One is your rescue buddy and won't appear in the bar (unless they get swapped out). There are a maximum of 4 buddies at a time in the bar, so for the North there will be a buddy you won't see until another one dies. The locations are as follows:

1,2,3: Automatically found after the tutorial
4: Plane Crash
5,6: Slaughter house, Lumber yard, Fresh fish, or "Rooster" fights. You can rule out the location you started in, and the location where you rescued your first buddy for the tutorial.

1,2,3: Automatic after initial missions
4: Brewery
5: Sediko
8 years ago#4
sweet, yeah, so i got them all in the north, i killed off my first buddy since i didn't like him and i wanted paul to be my first, and after awhile he died on me, slowly, after i injected him with three syrettes, almost made me cry, so now so now Warren is my first :-) thx
8 years ago#5
after you go to the southern region, can you go back up north and get the buddies there?
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8 years ago#6
No, the idea is that you have a different set of buddies for the South. Looking for buddies in the North once the South has been unlocked won't recover any.
8 years ago#7

where exactly is the plane crash in the northern sector?

8 years ago#8
where exactly is the plane crash in the northern sector?

It might be dynamic, but i doubt it, I found mine in the left valley (there are two valley's on the map)
in the northern sector, i was diamond hunting, and i passed him completely without seeing him but he said something and i stopped and turned around when the subtitles popped up. And There was Warren Clyde, crying, telling me to patch him up :P Now he is my best buddy, because I killed my first one off, which turned Warren into my second, and then my new one dies off, in a sad way, and now hes my first :) but I already know his fate :P
8 years ago#9
Does the buddy at Sediko can be found on a mission? Because I got the one at Brewery and the Trophy popped up telling me that I have gotten all of the buddies even though I haven't gone to Sediko yet.
8 years ago#10
i cant find the planecrash buddy. im in the middle northern part of the map and what i think is the "valley" but there is nothing there. i got all the diamonds early... is it possible i missed him and he died?
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