OK, Why, Corruption, etc.

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I will never understand why Threads, especially those with unanswered question or wrong answer ever get locked.


But as for -- 69taker69 / Posted 3/18/2009 7:11:24 PM / At first the game doesn't recognize the memory card and when it does save it becomes corrupted. I have a MAX 64 MB Card, not a Sony Memory Card, so I wanna know if its the game or the card???

I too am having this problem with the Max 16MB....
Have you or anyone got any good information to share on the subject?


Games are always active if the system is and PlayStation is still going strong and people are buying games everyday, especially when the price drops.

Just because not all people are going to spend more then $20 for a game does not make them obsolete.
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This game sucked... that is why nobody comes here lol.
What are you looking down here for? My post is up there.