Is there a reason to collect all the treasure?

#1MuteVoyeurPosted 10/22/2009 8:24:25 PM
I just beat the game and found out here that all I unlock is a stupid bathing suit and the extras. So what's the point of the treasure? I'm missing 3 total, 1 from each of the first three levels. Is it even worth it to go back through and find them? Is there more to unlock in this sorry port, or is one outfit and some pictures all I get?

Legend was way better than this tripe.
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#2jimbojanPosted 10/23/2009 6:32:02 AM
You're probably right. This game was not really designed for the PS2. All we got was a sort of port of the PC/new gen console versions as opposed to Anniversary & Legend. Those two were actually dedicated to the PS2 originally.

You get the paltry extra costumes just for finishing the game and you don't get much more afterwards. Just a few storyboards etc. However it does add a bit of extra interest to go back to places where you missed the treasure.

The PC/PS3/Xbox360 versions I believe have much more rewards and content at the end. While the PS2 & Wii versions are treated like poor cousins.