finished my last TR game... my thoughts on this Tomb Raider!!!!!!!!!

#1StarCroftAODPosted 9/14/2010 12:04:48 PM
IMHO, this TR SUCKED(on certain aspects)... hopefully, the only mistake in the series lol. I've played all TR when I was younger, and after beating TR:legend, like, 7, 8 times already(OMG), I thought, wow!... when I saw TR:underworld's cover at the store, and say to myself, that it would be great to know what happened to her mother... I mean killed by her own daughter??? WTF I thought, I know it's not that bad... but still she was killed already or possessed by a monster, before Lara arrived lol.

The level design were a bit more depth and long, and linear, which was very welcome... The music is non existent, lol which is disappointing after TR:Legend's kick ass soundtrack (*Remembers main theme* *shivers*)

Don't get me wrong, i NEVER said that a game that I've played was ALL crap, there's pros and con's... Guess, it's time for move on the next TR, even when it *may* be like this one., half classic ,half "Next gen" lol

*Remembers TR:AOD reviews* *shivers* lol

that's all, I think. lol
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Yeah, the PS2 port of the chopped down Wii version of TRU is pretty bad. I got it knowing that, but was still surprised by the limited, blurry game. It's the worst game with widescreen and progressive scan support I've seen.

But I don't have a system to play the full version on the PC, PS3, or XBox 360. That's just the way it goes.

Still, got to hear Keeley Hawes voice Lara some more, and play through to the final ending myself. Better than nothing.

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yeah! her voice is the only thing worth in this game!!! lol
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