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7 years ago#1
I added some more questions and corrected some information after reading it over.
So here's V3, I hope this one gets stickied. Please everyone request it and keep it bumped! Thank you!

Should I get Resistance 1 before getting this game?

It's advisable to play the first Resistance before playing this to get the story and understand the whole "how".
The first game is FAR from bad, so you wouldn't make a bad buy if you were to buy it. The story of R1 is IMO better than this, though this game has more the first.

How many weapons can you carry? Is it still with the weapon wheel like in the first?

No. The weapons wheel is gone and you can only carry 2 weapons at the time. Though this sounds worse than it is because the weapons are lying around where it's needed. You'll always find yourself having the best weapons for the upcoming situation, along with ammo.

What’s the difference between the Bullseye Mark I & II?

The Mark I is the one you’ve been using in R1 the whole time. It fires normal yellow-orange shots at high speed and does good damage. Normal Hybrids carry this weapon.
The Mark II is the one you find at the end of R1 in the Chimeran tower. This one fires blue shots at slightly higher speed and does more damage. The Advanced Hybrids carry this.

In Superhuman mode you’ll find the Mark II from the beginning of the game and more frequently as you pass through the game then on any other difficulty.

How do you unlock Superhuman?

By finishing the game on Difficult.

How do you get the OMGWTFBBQ trophy?

By finishing the game on Superhuman.

Do I have to play the WHOLE game on Superhuman to get the trophy, or just the last level?

The whole game. That little trick won't work ;)

Is it true that Hale's appearance changes in the main menu?

Yes. As you advance through the game, Hale's appearance will change. He will look exactly like he does in the level you are in Campaign.

The Snipe Hunt trophy reads you have to kill 30 Spinners. But...What the hell are Spinners?

Spinners are the little creatures crawling around Grim pods. They don't attack you and just crawl away from you. Kill 30 of these suckers and the trophy's yours.

What's the best way to get the trophy 'Mind Your Surroundings'?

The best way is to shoot cars. Make sure you don't stand close to them or you'll be killed or hurt severely. The cars have a rather wide explosion ratius so you can take out much Chimera with these. If there are no cars, try looking for those explosive barrels.

What are those fish-things in the water? Can you kill them!?

Those are Furries and no, you cannot kill them (yes it's stupid) so don't go waisting ammo, unless you're very frustrated and want to just shoot something. Oh wait, you have a whole game for that :P.
The furries are an addition by Insomniac to keep you out of some waters. In Chicago, one pops up on a car. Don't stay in the water there when approaching it, because it'll dive in again and come after you so hurry up and get to shore.

If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#2
On the level Twin Falls, Idaho, you have to kill 3 Titans at a certain point. This is crazy! How the hell do you take'em down?

It's not so crazy, only on Superhuman you might have a harder time.
Depending on what weapons you are carrying, you can have an easier/harder time. If you are carrying the Bullseye, tag and shoot non-stop while avoiding the Titan Fire. From the moment you've lured them to where you start, go to side, run past the fence and in the "middle" of the park, you'll find a Bellock. It'll be much easier to take out the remaining Titan(s).
If you carry the Auger, use the shield a lot.

I can't get past boss X.

Every boss has its weapons lying around to kill it with. Naturally, you must stay away from the boss so you don't get hurt. Evasion is the main key, along with shooting it non-stop. (except with the final stage of Daedalus).
If it's not shooting the boss, a message or hint will show up on the screen what you have to do or shoot, so no worries ;)

I can't seem to get past level X. What do I do now?

You can go to the FAQ section and read one of the walkthroughs, or just ask on the forum.
Either way, it should always be obvious what you have to do. If you can't get passed certain enemies, try using a different approach, different weapons you would've dropped earlier or restart the level in case of need.
Restarting a level might be better if you are stuck with too few ammo and you keep respawning in a spot where you can't get enough ammo along the way.

On the first encounter with the swarm, I die. I get too nervous of it pursuing me and I don't know where to go. Help!

You have to get back to the elevator. Just follow the powerline on the floor.
As for the swarm, sprinting away doesn't always work. Walking backwards while shooting it non-stop always works. Just follow the powerline to see where you have to go when walking backwards.

Every time you encounter the swarm, shoot it and it WILL slow down. Shooting the swarm is the main key to keep the distance between you and it.

Chameleons are annoying. I just can't seem to get passed them! Help me please!

Actually they're relatively easy. To know if a Chameleon will be in the area, you have to listen to the sound. You'll know it when you hear it. Also a Rossmore will be found before you reach a Chameleon section. The Rossmore is the golden weapons to kill them with.
When they dash at you, you will hear it then when they're coming close, they will show up and you can shoot them. Quick response is needed. A bullseye trap is also very effective, though you must place it in the path of the Chameleon meaning you have to know where he will show.

Listening is the main key with Chameleons, so playing with the sound muted will most definitely get you killed.

If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#3
What in the world are those big spider like robots. They’re friggin’ hard!

Those are Stalkers. If you play Resistance 1, you’d know their weakness and how tough they are to take down. However, these Stalkers slightly differ from the first Resistance as their armor has improved along with a turret mounted on the back. Their weak spot, the core in the back, is now better protected but can still be shot. Though in R1 you couldn’t take out a Stalker unless you shot their power core in the back. In R2, you can take out a Stalker by just storming it with bullets!

The Stalkers in Campaign are best to be approached with extreme caution. Always get out of its line of fire or you’ll be dead in no time. Keep shooting it whenever you can, the Bullseye with its tag would be the best choice for this. As it takes damage, you’ll hear the Stalker “scream” or better make a malfunctioning noise.
The best weapon is still the LAARK though. Use Primary and Secondary fire to take it out quickly.

(Possible spoilers!)

In campaign, there’s a part with 4 stalkers. Don’t try to take them down 1 by 1. You have to follow the path but try to stay out of the Stalkers their fire at the same time. Not much after, you’ll find a few LAARKS to take them all out one by one. ;)

The Titan fire is a lot faster than in R1! And I thought that was hard!!

Yes the Titan fire is faster and it doesn’t charge like in R1 BUT bear in mind that the bullets don’t home in anymore so they’re somewhat easier to dodge. So the change is rather good :)

How do you unlock Arcade Mode?

Beat the game on any difficulty.

Can you get more lives in Arcade mode?

No you can't. 4 lives, (though it shows 3, you really have 4) to play through the whole game. REAL arcade!

On the end of Campaign you get XP. Why?

This XP is for your online profile. It'll be added to your Total XP in your Main Profile.
The XP from Co-op and Competitive also gets added to this profile and so you can increase your rank.

What rank level is Lieutenant?

Level 31. Though don't be surprised if you get the Trophy at a lower level, like 29. It's not uncommon that it happens. I got it when I was close to reaching lvl 29.

How many XP do you need for that rank?

Around 2.1 million XP.

Can you play Co-op campaign, like in the first?

No you can't. There is no offline campaign for 2. Though the online co-op provides MORE than enough fun.

Are the stories from Campaign and Co-op different?

Naturally they are. For 1, there is no Co-op Campaign.
The Co-op “story” are simply a number of missions which could be made into a sort of story.
Co-op does not really have a story compared to Campaign.

Can you play with split-screen online?

Yes you can. On Co-op and Competitive.
If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#4
What types of online are there?

Co-op & Competitive.

With Co-op, you can have a team of maximum 8 players and choose out of 3 classes: Soldier, Medic & Spec ops.
Best thing to do, is pick a class the team needs. So don't go picking a class if there's already 3 of them on the team...

Soldier is the base of the operation. You carry a Wraith minigun, with a shield and mow down all enemies. With your shield, protect your allies so they don't get killed. Don't go all Commando style and split from the group. It's play together, or die alone! Remember this!
So basically, soldiers are there to provide cover for the other two classes. The secondary fire of the WRAITH deploys a shield that your squad mates can hide behind. While this shield is up, though, you can still take damage from melee attacks, especially from Grimms and Leapers. Titans can also damage you while you're behind your shield if they shoot around you, for their projectiles cause damage to an area, instead of point like other guns do. It's important that you stand still while the shield is up, as you can endanger other squad mates when you run around and strafe too much when they're standing behind it. If you must move, it should only be to backup to get away from advancing Titans or Ravagers, both of whom will advance quickly on you. If you have a competent and diligent Spec-Ops, you should never run out of shield ammo.

It's also important to note that when soldiers gain the LAARK, they can take out large numbers of weaker enemies at once, which prevent the group from being swarmed. This works best with two soldiers, so the one using the LAARK can attack from behind the protection of the others shield.

Medic says it all. You have to heal your teammates and carry the Phoenix, which saps enemies from their health, giving it to you and with its secondary fire, you heal your teammates. It's your job to make sure your allies survive. You can also revive others a lot faster than any other class, so whenever someone dies, go revive him. Don't leave him there because the sooner he's revived, the sooner he can join in helping the team again!
The medic is probably one of the most important co-op classes. Because without them, you'd have to die in order to get back to full health. The primary fire from the Phoenix replenishes the Medic's health and charges the Phoenix's secondary fire. The draining effect on the enemies gets more and more severe as you level up. The secondary fire allows you to fire a healing charge at your teammates that heals them and gives you a large amount of EXP that is proportionate to the amount of damage that you healed. The Phoenix's primary fire can also effect multiple enemies at once, increasing the amount of secondary fire you receive.
If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#5
Spec ops is the sniper and ammo provider. With O you throw ammo crates for others to pick up. Spec ops' main job is to provide his teammates with ammo so that soldiers can keep their shields up to protect the others and medics have ammo to heal their allies, namely you.

The Spec-Ops class is almost the complement of the Soldier class (and vice-versa). The Spec-Ops class can give out boxes of ammo using the grenade button (O by default), and can also give out grenade kits that are given at random. Once you reach a certain level, these grenade kits give you Proximity mines that are useful to deploy at enemy spawn points, teleporters, entrances, and to create defense perimeters around objectives.
The Spec-Ops primary weapon is the Marksman, which is a Chimeran sniper rifle. This rifle can dish out large amounts of damage quickly, but has to reload often. The secondary fire launches an electrostatic orb that shocks any enemy it passes. Spec-Ops are extremely useful for taking out any kind of drone enemy, especially that smallest kind, which the electrostatic orbs can destroy by themselves. They're also useful for taking out enemies that are out of reach or too far off to be destroyed effectively by Soldiers, such as enemies on roofs or those that are far off or out of the way.

It's very important for the Soldiers to protect the Spec-Ops, for they have the least health. Likewise, it's important for the Spec-Ops to give the Soldiers ammo to prevent themselves from getting shot at. It's also nice to toss the Medic's some to refill their secondary healing fire.

In Competitive, you have 4 types of games and can choose out of a weapon layout and a berserker. Every layout has the main weapon you have to choose and the Magnum as 2nd weapon.

Deathmatch: A simple game of 8 people where the main point is kill everyone else and come out the top player. It's survival of the fittest in this type! Survive and kill everyone else! ;)

Team Deathmatch: Same as a deathmatch, except now it's Team A vs Team B. The team with the most points wins the round. The best way to win a Team Deathmatch is to actually work as a team. Advance with 3 or 4 people and you'll have much bigger odds of winning and staying alive long enough! Going on your own only works if you encounter a lone emeny and not a group. Encounter a group when you're alone and you better have the right weapon on you to take them all out at once!

Core Control: Basically a bit like Capture The Flag. You have to protect your core and attempt to capture the other team's Core and return it to your base. When carrying the core, you can't shoot though, so don't think that solo-play will work here. Of course the other team will try to capture your core, so you have to protect it too. When the enemy drops your core, you have to stand by it in order save it and get to spawn back at your base. When you happen to press R1, trying to shoot, you will automatically drop the core and take out your weapon. But by that time, you'll probably be (close to) dead. If you, or a teammate drops the core you can pick the core back up by pressing Square.
When you got the core, just RUN!!

If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#6
Skirmish: Can be small and large. You have your team and get instructions. Follow these instructions. You also have to fight 1 of the opposite teams. The game can exist out of many teams of 5 players. Do not worry about all the other teams, you usually only have 1 team to focus on and they on you, depending on the assignment. This is basically like Co-op except it's with the normal way of playing, not all the classes, and your foes are human players. Teamwork is needed here in order to succeed.
The assignements can exist out of: Capturing a beacon, defending a captured beacon, re-capturing a lost beacon, taking out a marked enemy and defending a marked teammate that the other team is supposed to take out.
Usually when you're marked you have to run to a certain point to "transfer the data". Of course, you have to stay alive until the time runs out.

Is it easy to get XP online or will I get nowhere if I suck?

Not to worry, getting XP is relatively easy even if you would suck. It would take you much longer to level up of course.
In co-op you’ll get XP for every bullet that lands on your enemy. You’ll see the XP number coming on, starting to count. A kill gives you an extra bonus and completing objectives too. The bigger the enemies are, the more XP you get for taking them down of course.

In competitive, you get XP by killing someone else, or by completing an objective, depending on what type you’re playing.

What’s the best way to get XP with each class?

Each class has its special weapon to gain XP with and its ways to get “bonus” XP. Each class can get “bonus” XP (the green XP numbers) so not to worry.
Your second weapon, the extra ones like the Bullseye or the Carbine, have their amount of XP that can be earned with each bullet that makes impact on your enemies. This will not differ from class to class. The weapon is the same in each class.

Soldier: with a soldier, you will rapidly make big amounts of XP with your Wraith. Shooting enemies on weaker spots, like for instance…the head, will usually give you more XP then shooting it in the chest constantly. With a Stalker, you’ll get more XP by shooting the core in the back. With a Titan, I noticed the head, or the cooling pack on the back. (I even think his ass too, and I’m not kidding). You also get bonus XP when bullets from enemies make impact on your Wraith Shield!
So the more bullets that are deflected by your shield, the more XP you get for that! ;)

Medic: Obviously a medic receives his XP by healing his teammates. You can get LOADS of XP with this, depending on how good you do your job, and how much your teammates get hurt.
You also get XP, though it ain’t much, by shooting on your enemies with your Phoenix’s primary fire.
The primary fire’s beam can split up and damage nearby enemies near the one you’re firing on. That way you’ll get XP from them too.
Medics can get Bonus XP by healing the computer teams you encounter on missions. They’ll have blue health bars. Keep them alive and you’ll gain even more XP.

Spec ops: Using the Marksman, the Spec ops gets most XP by making headshots or just shooting at your enemies. Using its secondary fire to fire a static orb which will also give you XP.
You get Bonus XP by throwing out ammo boxes. You only get the XP when teammates pick them up though.
At level 10, you get the Proximity mines unlocked. Just press up on the D-pad to change from ammo boxes to the Proximity mines. You only get more mines when you throw out a grenade kit. (the flat rectangular box).

If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#7
Which class is the hardest to level up and which is the easiest?

The easiest class is the without a doubt, the Medic! Healing your teammates gives you loads of XP!
The hardest class is according to most the Spec ops. I agree because throwing out ammo boxes is crucial but it doesn’t give you THAT much XP. Also, Spec ops can do much damage but have to reload much quicker plus they don’t have as much health as a soldier, nor a shield to protect themselves with. Though in the beginning, the Spec ops levels up slowly and seems the weakest, near the end (lvl 25+) it’ll be a walk in the park and you’ll do loads of damage making it the strongest one.

What do I do once I get to lvl 30 with all my classes in co-op?

Well, depending on what you still have to do or don’t have yet, here are a number of possibilities:
- Get all missing trophies
- Get all medals
- Get all ribbons
- Get all missing intel
- Play for fun, using your super soldiers and dominate the game.

How can you chose what side you whant to be on in competitive?

You can't. It gets chosen for you. There's no difference between the 2 though, except for the Humans who have Advanced Radar while the Chimera have Chimeran Rage. They both have about the same effect, just a little different, so it's not really that bad which one you are. Both races have acces to the same weapons and berserks, other then that 1 exception.

What’s the use of all the armor and backpacks in Competitive?

No use at all. Pure customization.
With this, you can choose how your human/chimera looks on the field.

Are mics essential in online?

No they are not. You can do very well without. Though there are always those moments when you wish you had one to shout at some teammate in cooperative because he or she is doing a louzy job. A mic is very handy though, especially in games that require team-play. Good team communication is usually one of the main reasons of a victory :).

What do you think of meleeing someone from behind in this game?

I see nothing wrong with it. It's part of the game AND it provides you with a Stealth Kill. In this game, you always gotta watch your back. Whining about it won't do you any good. You can only learn to use your radar more and not camp in one spot with a sniper rifle.
It's annoying if you're on the receiving end, but I bet you won't feel bad when doing it to someone else.

Which game is better? This or the first?

It's all a matter of opinion.
TO ME: This game's story mode is not as good as the first. It's shorter, though very good. The first one is longer and also very good.
The online of this game is MUCH better and is very addicting.
The first had a co-op campaign, this one hasn't.

So it's really up to you to decide. Each person has a different opinion.

How do I get trophy X.

Under each trophy, it reads what you have to do to get it, so it's not that hard.
You'll find the same explanation in the Cheats section, so it's both the same.

Where do you find the intel in cooperative? I can't find them. Are they lying around somewhere???

No they're not like in Campaign. The intel is the document of text you see before you start a mission. This is the intel. You can only acquire this intel by completing the mission successfully.
If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#8
About the intel documents in Cooperative, there are intels called Chicago 1, Chicago 2,... Are there multiple levels in Chicago and the other stages???

Not really no, but at the same time yes. It's complicated, though easy once you get it.
Each mission has it's starting point and ending point and it's way of going through the stage. You will have noticed you don't always start at the same spot in, for instance, Chicago. This is because you're doing a different mission in Chicago.
Each stage has multiple missions and there for a number assigned to the intel document.

Héh, that wasn't so complicated after all :)

What is this...Grey Tech for in cooperative?

Collect grey tech to buy upgrades for your class when you unlock them. You unlock the upgrades by reaching a certain level.
You will also find more info on the grey tech in the cooperative intel documents.

Is there any way to play competitive multiplayer offline?

No there isn't. You can only play Competitive online.

I made/joined a game of competitive, instead of choosing 'Play' all the time, but I gained no XP. WTF?!

Don't be surprised, for games you make or join via the option 'Find a game' are ALWAYS UNRANKED. Unranked games don't give you XP, only Ranked games. So if you want to play a ranked Competitive game, select Play.

Can you use the Wraith's shield in competitive just like you can in co-op and campaign?

No you can't. The shield vanishes when you start shooting. If the shield would stay up, it would become unbalanced. You mowing down people while they can't get a scratch on you. Doesn't sound really fair does it?

Is there any point of having or being in a clan?

That all depends on what you think of it.
A clan is basically and expanded group of friends.
Some clans play to be the best, others just for fun. You can have clan matches or play a co-op game as a clan.
Some clans have a match amongst the clan on a certain time of the week or so, so this is for people who are really competitive. It all depends on what you want.

What is the best class in Co-op?

There is no "Best class". Everyone likes one class more than the other.
Medics are the easiest class to gain XP with but that doesn't make them the best class.
Soldiers have the most ammo and are the mowers of the group, but without spec ops to provide them ammo, they don't get very far sometimes.
Spec ops can deal a lot of damage, but have to reload much quicker than a Soldier. Spec ops need to provide others with ammo.

The best class is the class you love playing the most with, so it's all up to you.

I lost all my XP and stats from online. Can someone help me?

Sadly we can't. All this is saved on the servers, not on your PS3.
If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#9
How come other people get so much XP while I can't even get to 10.000

The reason is simple: they're probably of a much higher level then you are and have all these upgrades.
XP is obtained by firing non-stop on enemies, so just aim and fire. A kill gives you extra XP on top of the shooting.
Soldiers get a XP bonus when enemy fire reflects on their shields.
Medics get the most XP by healing their teammates.
Spec ops get XP by killing and mostly by supplying their allies with ammo.

I totally suck as a Soldier/Medic/Spec op. How can I become better?

As long as you do the main job of the class, you should be fine. That you SEEM to suck at the beginning is normal cause others have a much higher level than you while you're at a low level.
If you don't know what the main job of each class is, scroll up and you'll find the answer :)

Why don't the Game Saves work here? Am I doing something wrong?

No, they won't work. Insomniac developed the game that way. Sorry, you'll have to play through the entire game to get all the unlockables.

Is there any way to make a second profile for P2 to save their data?

No, though Insomniac has said that they are trying to develop a multi-PSN sign in for the game. But, for the time being, no, there is not.

How do you decide what character shows when you look at someone's profile? I've seen some using their Co-op characters.

When you go to the equipement 'room' of the character in either Competitive or Cooperative, you can press Square to set said character as the Default character. That default means the character that will show when someone views your profile.

WTF is shooting at me in Cooperative!?

Hybrids: Your standard Chimeran infantry trooper. They can be killed in a plethora of ways. There's nothing really outstanding about them, besides the fact that they usually appear in large numbers. Don't let them get too close, for their melee will inflict heavy damage. They wield the Bullseye Mark I.

Elite/Advanced Hybrids: Simply a stronger version of the Hybrid. More armour and wields the Bullseye Mark II.

Ravagers: Ravagers are about twice as large as Hybrids. They use a gun mounted on their wrists to shoot rounds of green plasma. They also have a shield that can inflict a steady stream of damage when it comes in contact with you when they charge at you. Their shields can overloaded by a continuous stream of fire. Best taken out as soon as possible.
Some Ravagers carry a Hellfire gun (like the Hellfire turrets) which makes them an even more pain in the ass.

Chameleons: Probably the most broken enemy in the entire co-op game. They appear as squiggly lines. They use melee attacks and should be kept as far away as possible. They tend to "disappear" out of the game, even if they still appear on the radar. If that happens, it's best to just ignore them.

Leapers: Leapers are the little scorpions that crawl around and jump at you. The only thing that makes them difficult is that they appear in large numbers, and if they swarm you, it's likely you'll die if you don't get loose. Just keep your distance and mow them down.

Rollers: Rollers are actually Leapers that have evolved further and just roll to move around. They also spit acid instead of jumping you.

Queen Leaper: This is just larger Leaper. It can, however leap a great distance, leap at you and inflict a large amount of damage. Just watch out for it and stay on the move.
If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
7 years ago#10
Titans: Titans are one of the larger enemies you'll encounter. They guess. They also advance towards the nearest or most dangerous target and kill it instantly with a powerful melee. The best way to take them down is to concentrate fire on their heads and to keep backing up if they start advancing. This is where knowing the terrain comes in handy.

Patrol Drones: The little spherical drones that fire in three-burst rounds. They aren't that big of a threat. They can be easily taken out by a volley of Electrostatic Orbs from a Spec-Ops. They're a little harder to hit because they "bounce" around in the air.

Hunter Drones: These drones are bigger, and they're a little harder to take down. You'll have to actually fire at them, for the Orbs won't be able to do it by themselves. Still not a huge threat.

Attack Drones: These Drones are highly dangerous and are best handled from behind the shield of a WRAITH. The fire missiles that cause damage both when they embed themselves in you, and when they explode. These projectiles can cause noticeable damage, especially when more than one hits you. It's also important to note that even darts that are embedded the ground and walls will still explode. So stay still behind a shield, and you'll be fine.

Steelheads: These are a form of Chimera (larger then the Hybrid) that are equipped with an Auger. The Auger shoots bursts of radiation that travel through walls. The best way to take them out is to get in the same room, and remove them from cover with grenades. Once again, hiding behind a shield is a good strategy.

Marauders: Marauders are large, T-Rex looking Chimera. They shoot fire from their mouths, as well as the occasional Spider Grenade. When they're using their regular attack, simply stand behind a shield, and you'll be fine. The flames will stick to the ground for a second or two and can inflict a decent amount of damage to you, so watch out. The Spider Grenades are extremely dangerous. They are deployed when the Marauder screams without launching fire. You can even see it come out. The Spider Grenade covers a large area and inflicts extreme damage to anyone caught in it. The best tactic is to just run.

Grims: The zombies of the game. They're relatively harmless unless you get caught in a swarm of them. Shields have no effect on them, so just keep backing up and unloading them. Mines and the LAARK are highly effective against them. They just storm you mindlessly and use melee to kill you.

Alpha Grims: These grims are just bigger and more…shiny. They also have A LOT more health then normal grims, so the best thing to do is keep backing up and shoot it non-stop.

Stalkers: These are big spider-like robots that fire powerful energy shots at a rapid pase. These bullets can kill you very quickly so be on your guard. If you're a spec, always make sure the soldiers have shield ammo to protect you and the others! If you're a soldier, make sure your shield is up whenever possible! The core on the back is it's weak spot. Have a member (only 1 or 2, not a whole swarm) turn the Stalker around so the rest of the team can shoot it's core in the back. This way you'll not only get more XP but it'll also go down much faster!

Hellfire Turrets: These are the turrets that fire powerful beams that can instantly kill you and you can only shut them down from the back. If you're soldier, always have your shield up when approaching one. Though the handiest way to get around it, is an invisible spec op, to go and shut it down. These turrets are a real pain in the ass, so don't make foolish actions.

If I was any cooler, you would die!; PSN: Sly_08 [WTF] (leader)
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