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Games timing out (Archived)Nyghtwynd43/12/2012
Is there any way to turn off aim assist in single player? (Archived)MultiKoopa12/13/2012
Want to buy a used copy, could I play ONLINE with it?? (Archived)GunEye72/13/2012
surprised how active the online is (Archived)Ratchet_Fan812/5/2012
I've been playing this game's multiplayer again a lot lately (Archived)
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I freakin LOVE noobie wraitharoos! (Archived)ZombiDeadZombi11/17/2012
Looking to get air-fuel and spider grenade kills in campaign (Archived)ebolamonkey13212/31/2011
How is the online in these games? (Archived)vivi21311/27/2011
Does Offline Co-op (Split-Screen) count for trophies? (Archived)TheBestGman2007311/27/2011
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Can I get some help boosting for the 1 million ranked XP trophy (Archived)DEADTERMINATOR91011/15/2011
rank vs unrank games (Archived)TraceSkipper411/11/2011
Coop help (Archived)TraceSkipper211/11/2011
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I just passed a co-op mission in Holar Tower, Iceland... alone. (Archived)awesomesauce13311/8/2011
So when will resistance 2 online be shut off? (Archived)JVicious8611/6/2011
The problem with this game is that it doesnt have that Resistance 1 look to it.. (Archived)Cashew711/6/2011