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7 years ago#1
It's good to know this game has allegedly been reimagined. Ultimately, my concept would be a much better fit.

Basically, all that would need to be done is to copy the Yakuza series. Granted. The combat would need a vastly upgraded arsenal. Swords should only be pulled out against other immortals. Hence, that's why it should incorporate No More Heroes' ladder structure for bosses.

Encounters with other immortals should play out like the original Dynasty Warriors game on PSone. Give it a Fight Night Round 3-like makeover, and you have a recipe for success.

The playable immortal should be heavily influenced by Duncan MacCleod (sp?). Naturally, it would be awesome if it indeed was Duncan voiced by Adrian Paul for icing on the cake.
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7 years ago#2
Scratch the original Dynasty Warriors.
"I am the way." - Pinhead
7 years ago#3
Sounds pretty cool, But i'd take Connor over Duncan any day of the week.
7 years ago#4
Why not have a choice between the two and have it play out like End Game? Now THAT would be killer.
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7 years ago#5
I'd rather have a choice of Connor or Kurgan.

One path leads to a "good" ending with everyone living happily ever after, the other leads to a dark and painful ever after.

Either way, you would end up facing whoever you don't pick as the final "boss". But that way, you could have 2 totally separate story lines, each with multiple branches along the way. The replay ability of the game would be huge.
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7 years ago#6

Victor_Kruger posted...
Sounds pretty cool, But i'd take Connor over Duncan any day of the week.

Sounds like you never watch the TV series which was infinitely better than the movies, whose storylines were all over the place. Adrian Paul made a far better immortal than Chrisopher Lambert. If you watch the sword work in the movies Lambert starred it's down right comical. Adrian Paul is trained in 7 different martial arts, a dance expert (helps fit the various scenarios), and a capable swordsmen regardls of whether using a sword, axe, or knife. The fight scenes in the TV series were far more believable than those of the movies, and Duncan was constantly presented with morale quandries that pushed the limits of his honor, integrity, friendships, and desire to live.

As a fan of both movies and the TV series, I'm happy with any approach to the Highlander mythology. I hope they take the TV series approach where you gain others power (their memories, knowledge, ability), such that you grow over time and master various weapons, fighting tactics. I would LOVE to play as Adrian Paul, but I'll be just as happy with the ability to create my own immortal. Really hoping to see cameo's by Methos, Fitz, Amanda, Adrian, Connor, and it would even be nice to see Tessa & Richie if we play as Duncan (especially Tessa... she was so awesome).

6 years ago#7

I deal Hilander game is one that gets made.

6 years ago#8

the ideal highlander game is the one that gets made even,excuse my keyboard skills today.

6 years ago#9

How about letting us design our own immortal ala saints row 2, and turn us loose into the largest time based game world ever, ala fable 2. Where choices you make in the past are reflected in the current time.

6 years ago#10
I like your FN3 idea.

Less button mashing = more need of actual player skill.
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