The Ideal Highlander Game

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wierd i was talkin to my girlfriend the other day bout if they ever brought out a hilander game they should make it where u are your own person and be trained by the original hilander conor mcleod bit like end game and give you choices wich change the future and they could add the soul calibur element for a multi player also i think past and future should be able to go back and forth between the 2 so the past would be like assasins creed and the future would be like gta without the guns but defo cars and choppers and stuff and the bosses should be a mix of all the films baddies for the time set and i agree with what 1 guy said bout the acters voices i wish i had a voice like the orginal highlander there can be only 1

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Is this even coming out?

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The less it has to do with Soul Calibur, the better. Soul Calibur is NOT a proper representation of swordplay.

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ANY news ?

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Other than Avalanche (Just Cause 2) being the new team which happens to be a rumor, no news.

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