Daddy I want a pony!

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User Info: Amnekian

9 years ago#1
*buys My Riding Stables*

no daddy I meant a REAL pony!

*buys a stuffed pony*



Codename: Amatsu

User Info: sockesocke

9 years ago#2
lmfao...seriously...those animal and riding and whatnot games start to piss me off. i didnt buy my ds for such crap!

User Info: E1025gama

9 years ago#3

They only make the games because they know people who like ponies will buy it. They completely depend on people who don't know about games to buy their games. This sort of thing will always happen, unfortunately.

User Info: sockesocke

8 years ago#4
yeah but its happening way too often, especially on nintendo systems.

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