I hate Kairu.

#1CODcernal1992Posted 3/22/2010 10:22:44 PM
I feel like I'm playing as a 15 year-old poster on an anime forum, except Kairu is good-looking and strong. His personality is equally boring and he's every bit as unintelligent.
#2Dragon_lord27Posted 3/27/2010 8:41:24 AM
You have been tainted by the "OMG I CAN SOLVE EVERYTHING ON MY OWN. IM THE STRONGEST IN THE UNIVERSE" character we have seen in nearly every-other RPG this decade.
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#3CODcernal1992(Topic Creator)Posted 3/27/2010 11:54:45 AM
I don't know how you'd get to that conclusion. Kairu isn't the alternative to the masculine ideal; he isn't weak, stupid, ugly, wrought with emotion or insecure. The fact that he's strong, good-looking, relatively intelligent in the game world, and sensible, makes him even closer to being a masculine ideal.
#4SealedforcePosted 4/3/2010 4:48:26 AM
people these days have serious problems^^
#5Bronze_StuffPosted 4/8/2010 10:46:56 PM
I like the fact that Kairu is rather mundane. A good avatar for the player.
#6davidvincPosted 4/9/2010 12:07:11 PM
i think that Kairu is a breath of fresh air. he is a relatively normal guy who everyone can relate to. also he reacts naturally and believably to the situations and characters around him. He and Aurora really do act like brother and sister and Aurora is a hoot. if there is anyone in this game that gets on my nerves it's Isa.