I think I've figured out the plot to Audiosurf.

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User Info: Crimson_Jesus

8 years ago#21

I raise my drink in the air, 'cause I'm way too drunk to care
Pants down and bottoms up, come on girls who wants to ****? - Dr. Acula

User Info: Erik212

8 years ago#22
In Geometry Wars, you have to keep the Pizza safe from other people who want it...
"my brother was thinking [BXR] meant '(Battle Xtreme Rifle)'" -pat_man345 XBL Gamertag: maddogerik

User Info: videogamegeek91

8 years ago#23

User Info: Xy-BRiGHT-yX

8 years ago#24
Wow, that was insanely awesome.

User Info: Lutinou

8 years ago#25
A guy could get used to being called awesome so much.
The cake is stale.

User Info: Gembox

8 years ago#26
Awesome, dude.
I bet I can aim at a non moving object and hold the left mouse button down better than you can - LuX AeternA

User Info: EricS

8 years ago#27
Dude, the first half was just like the first chapter of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Still gave me a hard on though.
"This new anti-mod movement is just another step in Stealing America's freedom."

User Info: Rovelius

8 years ago#28
Dude, that's awesome.

User Info: drag0neer

8 years ago#29
Dude. Epically awesome.
Boss videos working on: Final Fantasy NES Fighter/Fighter/Fighter ~ Next Boss: ???

User Info: GhostOfAChance

8 years ago#30

From: Lutinou | #001
You were caught sleeping on the job and wake up to find out that your boss assigned you a delivery 30 - X minutes ago

Don't you mean the absolute value of x-30?
You don't stand a ghost of a chance!
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