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Bionic Commando Rearmed Secret Areas List (May Contain SPOILERS) (Sticky)
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No one mentions the always online DRM. (Archived)PStrife110/13 11:24AM
What happens when XBL is shut down... (Archived)silenthillish110/16/2013
This board is DEAD but I'm hoping to get an answer... (Archived)A_v_A312/9/2012
Are the Rearmed games' stories tied to the 3D Bionic Commando? (Archived)Lisker36/29/2012
no longer in arcade marketplace? (Archived)psobro210/3/2011
Anyone still playing this?? (Archived)MACH068/3/2011
Is this remake of original or completely different game? (Archived)LastManStanding33/20/2011
Best weapon against Fabricator 2 (on super hard)? (Archived)Eremyndil43/1/2011
Although I absolutely hated this game. That was the best... (SPOILEER) (Archived)jennafaith111/7/2011
Playing with a Hori Arcade Stick (Archived)cloudyimpulse210/15/2010
If I save and quit a level will it save hacks done and weapon upgrades (Archived)ericthecro19/28/2010
Dood. (Archived)iron_lion_exe59/13/2010
Is Bionic Commando(the ORIGINAL version) unlockable? (Archived)finalpush48/8/2010
Can someone help me beat this boss??? (Archived)finalpush26/25/2010
So, is Master-D still... *spoilers* (Archived)mega_spit16/11/2010
The Controls kill this game on Super Hard. (Archived)PSP_Homebrew16/5/2010
Anyone still play this? (Archived)The_Getaway_8843/7/2010
FAQ updated! (Archived)eastx11/13/2010
I love the ending shot! (Archived)KenshiroX11/9/2010
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