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7 years ago#1

I have started playing this game this afternoon and chose Venomancer as my starting class. I was thinking about developing my character, Xipetotekia, to focus on using the fox form and was wondering what stats I should be building up to do that effectively?

And now onto something strange. My computer up at college won't run this game despite being newer than my family computer that will. Both machines have comperable hardware the only difference between them is that I updated the graphics drivers on my family's computer. Could that really be what is making my computer unable to run this game? FYI, both machines meet the minimum requirements aside from using intergrated intel graphics (which makes me sad ;_;).
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7 years ago#2
Personally, I'm unsure as I've never used a Venomancer before, but I'll point you towards the official forums.
They have plenty of guides for the Venomancer class, and the forums are full of people that would be able to help you.
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7 years ago#3
90%/80% Magic, 10%/20% Vitality

Honestly if you put any str other than for use of arcane clothing then you messed up your build.
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7 years ago#4
That's pretty much what I'm doing now. I pulled a 180 and decided to go full mage like Veno after playing around with fox form and getting bored.

Another question, what is a good pet for a lvl 17 Veno? Right now I still have the wolfling that you start with and a chromatic vipelet. If you could tell me where you get the pet that would be good to.
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7 years ago#5
^ There's such thing as a Phoenix and Hercules egg but it costs over 200 dollars if you get lucky 150 dollars. Those are the best Venomancer creatures in the game. You also can find some eggs off other players or in cat shops aka consignment. Once you get into pking (if your on a pk server) you can get other venos to drop their pet eggs as long as their red named.
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7 years ago#6
do venomancers need dex at all? like did i mess up if i have 9 dex
7 years ago#7
Venomancers don't NEED dex but they can have it. There is a light armor fox build for venomancers where you put points into dex so you can equip up to date light armor. That build is the one that I want to try but will be gimped until I get a reset note. If you'd like to try that build you need to distribute your stat points so that the strength and dexterity stat are equal to whatever level you are plus four and so you magic stat is three times your level.

Here is a link to a guide posted on the official forum...

It gives stat distributions based on armor types. Venomancers can wear all of the armor types if you allocate your points in the correct way. Hope this link helps.
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7 years ago#8
a good veno build? that is dependent on what type of sever your playing. if your on player versus player you build a fox form with this you ax the magic and gun for STR VIT and a bit of DEX. in pvp your fighting against other players not dumb mobs that will just attack your pet while you off load powerful spells. players would gun right for you and ignore your pet. in PVP a pet with high attack is best. altho it would be best to have a crysraline magmite for mobs. if you go magic user in pvp, owned would even be the word to discrabe how badly you'd get bashed round.

in PVE you can pull off a pure magic build. there really isn't much to talk about with this build. just dump everything into magic adding to STR when you need it for better equips.

as for pets i've been told that the best attack pet next to the phoenix is the sawfly i never tried it. the saw fly can be found all over the place.

the best defense pet next to the hurc would be the crysraline magmite.

all venos should work toward the goal of about 17 million coin. wit it you can buy the gold in game (not using your real money) to buy a herc pet or nix. if your in PVE go herc. due to the freakish skils it has it can take a licking for several mobs and not even attack and kill them due to a reflect spell on it and it's stupidly high defense. this pet is perfect for SOLOING dungeons something no other class can pull off(note that you can solo with the magmite to just not as good). with this pet you can earn coin at get the nix when you have a heru and reach level 60, you can enter the twilight temple. in here mobs drop great selling items.

another thing that should be noted is that when you reach that level you can send money to other characters you have to make their lives easier.
7 years ago#9
Good to know that I can send money at 60. So I can use my veno as a money maker to power up my alts. Or my friends' characters if I can get any of them to play as well. You said that I can solo dungeons with my magmite; at what level could I solo FB19 and would that even be worth it in terms of money making.
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7 years ago#10
you can sent money via the postbox at ANYTIME however when you reach level 60 you can enter the twilight temple where you can a crazy amount of good drops even mirage stones (i've sen them sell for 30k and heard they can sell for more) i was just saying that the amount of money you COULD make will make it possible to provide a steady stem of cash for your other ALTs. (take note you should gun for the Herc pet above everything else. however if you are willing to spend 170- 200 real life bucks then you can have it right away.

as for when you can solo fb19 i'm at level 40 right now and i can solo them sort of easy. still have to keep on my toes since th mobs in fbs are super agrro and if they start running after you, they chase you around the ENTIRE fb. i could recall my pet dying and i foolishliy ran into an area i didn't clear yet so i ended up with 14+ mobs runnin me down lol. they killed me in the end tho. i would recommend tiring fp 19 untill your level 35 + and even that may be too low. unless you happen to have a hurc pet:P

if you happen to have a good high level friend like in the level 70 range you could try you luck in getting him to give or lend you money. the sooner you get you hurc and nix th better. cos lets face it -_- leveling your pet all the way from level one to level 60 or higher just sucks-_-

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