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7 years ago#1
Any idea when will the game take place
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7 years ago#2
In the future when the world is overpopulated?

Anyway, based on the game's existence, I had no idea an Ender's Game movie is being made. I'm sure it'll suck just like most novel-to-movies but I'll try watching it=]
7 years ago#3
Didn't they try to make an Enders game movie but had second thoughts when they actually read the book and noticed that the kids where naked in the barracks? Any ways, and Enders Game Game game would be great. only thing is that the only variety in the maps would be the stars, but the level of tactical choices and cull G would be sweet. Also, would there be an "all members of the opposing team must be frozen or disabled to win the game" rule in it?
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